What is tantric sex?

What is tantric sexTantric Sex involves the activation of nine energy centers (called chakras) within the body which engaging in sexual interaction with a partner. It is sort of a merging of the spiritual energies within the individual’s body and mind with the physical sensations of sexual interaction. It has also been described as “the meditation and awakening of the mind while indulging in sex.”

By doing that, you can experience bliss beyond words and connect on a higher plane that’s beyond the realm of what our mind can understand.

Why don’t more people talk about tantric sex?

Many people haven’t heard about Tantric Sex or if they have, they aren’t really sure what it is. Some people confuse it with Kama Sutra which is also based on Eastern Indian spiritual practices.

Only a small group of people in Western cultures practice Tantric Sex. Western cultures are less comfortable with spiritual matters and thus may be turned off when they are introduced to the spirituality inherent in Tantric Sex.
While Tantric Sex can offer you and your partner more physical, emotional, and spiritual ecstasy, many people have a difficult time imaging that it’s possible to experience greater sexual satisfaction than they are already experiencing.

So how do we get started?

One of the best books available on Tantric Sex in 1990 is still available and provides excellent step by step instructions. The book The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers written by Margot Anand and M. E. Naslednikov is available on Margot Anand’s website Margot Anand is one of the leading educators of Tantric Sex here in the United States. In this book you will find a wealth of information about the nine Chakras and the various exercises required to unlock the energy of these Chakras.

You can also get step by step instructions for Tantric Sex from The Beginner’s Guide to Sexuality and Tantric Sex on the website .

Once you decide to begin your first Tantric Sex session you and your partner need to get rid of all distractions-cell phones, televisions, and computers. Then you will need to block out at least three hours of uninterrupted time together. Pay attention to your environment. Light some candles or incense and play some soft music.

You will probably need some time to laugh nervously together. This is because it can be quite intense being fully present with your partner and unlocking the power of the Chakras.

How do we unlock the power of the chakras?

You will learn from the The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers or The Beginner’s Guide to Sexuality and Tantric Sex the ways a group of touching exercises aimed at activating of the Chakras, one by one.

Once the energy of the Chakras has been activated you and your partner will focus on heightening your sexual arousal and then merging this sexual energy. Once you have merged your sexual energies, you and your partners are on your way to more mind and body bliss than you have ever experienced before.

This is just the beginning. You will discover that the three hours you just shared together wasn’t nearly enough time. The two of you will want to return to your practice whenever possible. And the good news is, the more the two of you practice, the better at it you’ll be and the more pleasure you will experience!

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