How to achieve deeper penetration

How to achieve deeper penetrationBoth women and men enjoy the feeling of what is generally called deep penetration. For a man, it typically means he has all, or most of, his member inside the woman. For a woman, it can make her feel incredibly full, and that increases pleasure. Deep penetration positions can help a smaller man feel bigger, too. Here are some of the best sex positions for deeper penetration.

Top to bottom spoon: In a regular spoon position, the man and woman both lay on their sides, with the man behind the woman. In this reverse spoon, all is the same except the man puts his head by the woman’s feet. The difference in the way he enters her gives deeper penetration. If it’s difficult to maintain the couple can face each other instead, but maintain the head to toe aspect.

Deeper missionary: From the simple missionary position where the woman is laying flat on her back, the woman should put her legs straight in the air while he kneels in front of her to enter her. She can rest her calves on his shoulders. Try moving both legs to one side, too. That brings the legs together for a tighter feeling. Experiment, as slight variations in this position can really make a difference.

Reverse squat: In this position, the man kneels down resting his butt on his heels, making sure that he is facing something strong like a headboard (a wall would work if there is no headboard). Facing away from him, the woman then squats down on top of him, using the headboard for leverage and balance while she pumps up and down. The man can put his hands on her waist to help her pump up and down, and to help her get more height or strength.

Doggy wrap: From a regular doggy-style position, she should wrap one of her legs around the man’s hips or waist to help pull him in for deeper penetration. As a variation, have her back up so she is close to the edge of the bed. This way, he can stand next to the bed which makes it easier for him to thrust and get deeper. Both partners can get into a nice rhythm of thrusts for excellent sensations.

Off the edge: The woman should lay on the bed with her bum at the very edge. Her legs should be completely off the bed. Standing in between her legs, the man can easily enter her and she should wrap her legs around his waist. Similar to the Doggy Wrap, she can help him get deeper by pulling her legs in and helping him thrust. Another variation from this position is to have the woman raise her legs up in the air and rest her calves on his shoulders.

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