Tips and tricks for foreplay with your girlfriend

Tips and tricks for foreplay with your girlfriendIf you want to make sure you give your woman sex that she’s never going to forget – it’s important that you warm her up to the idea slowly. Women really value foreplay, and they will enjoy the sex a lot better if you have worked your way up to it instead of just jumping right in.

Follow these tips to make sure that she is lusting for you big-time by the time you actually by the time you actually have intercourse.

1. Start outside the bedroom
Foreplay, contrary to popular belief, isn’t something that only happens in the bedroom. If you really want to get your girl in the mood, start by gently smacking her behind while you’re out shopping, or rubbing her inner thigh while sitting at dinner. The more you play with her flirtatiously through the day or evening, the more she’ll be ready for sex later on.

2. Talk dirty
While you’re out with her during the day or evening, let her know how beautiful she looks. Tell her she looks sexy when she’s doing something ordinary, or slide up beside and whisper “Stop doing that – you’re driving me crazy”. Depending on how close you are, you could give her a hint about what you want to do to her later. It will probably make her giggle, but she’ll definitely start thinking about sex.

3. Set the mood
Candles and rose petals are nice – but I’m talking about emotionally setting the mood. Some women are nervous to trip down to their birthday suit no matter how long you’ve been dating, so play around with her – tickle her, tease her by giving her a humorous strip show of your own – and get her into a fun, playful mood with you. Having her in this mood is going to make sex a lot more fun.

4. Start softly
Now that you’ve got her giggling on the bed, and hopefully at least partially naked, make sure you still take it slow. I know you’ll want to just start touching her breasts and poking her girly bits, but don’t. Start off by kissing her all over her body and behind her neck and ears. Tickle her gently with kisses on her inner thighs, or roll her over and give her a very sensual back massage. Trust me, it will pay off in the end.

5. Notice her signs
You’ll know when she is fully aroused, because she’ll start to gyrate her hips towards you without even knowing it. That’s how you’ll know that you can start getting into the more aggressive stuff, like fingering or oral sex. As you begin, stay conscious of vocal and physical signs that she is enjoying what you are doing. If she is pulling you closer, or moaning appreciatively, you know you’re doing a good job.

6. Use toys
You can use on her a rabbit vibrator or start her up with the Hitachi magic wand. She can warm you up with a fleshlight or even a blowjob machine like the autoblow 2.

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