Male Masturbation Techniques

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Ready to spank the monkey? Flog the dog? Do the five finger shuffle? Or just have a plain old wank?

Male masturbation seems to have hundreds of different names that people have come up with over the years, but none of them mean anything if you don’t know how to wank properly. Sure, it’s a fairly natural activity, so some of it is instinctual, but if you want to get the most out of your sessions, then there are a few jerk off techniques that you’ll want to learn.

Jacking Off Techniques Every Man Should Know

Male Masturbation Techniques

Some male masturbation techniques are not for the faint of heart, and should only be used by experienced wankers, or those with an adventurous soul. That being said, there are many jack off techniques that can easily be worked into your routine starting immediately – and THOSE are the ones we’re going to start with, and then progress from there.

IMPORTANT: No cucumber was hurt during the photo session!!!

So there you have it – 44 different techniques you can use for male masturbation. But while having all of those amazing options is important, you also need to remember some of the very basics steps to good masturbation.

  • Be somewhere comfortable/safe/legal. – Whether you want to light candles and climb into bed to spank your monkey, or wank yourself while looking out your apartment window – just make sure you’re in a safe place, and although I encourage you explore your fantasies – don’t do anything stupid and get yourself in trouble – or anyone else for that matter!
  • Use lube. – I can’t think of a single one of these jerk off techniques (okay, maybe the banana one) that doesn’t get better when you use a good lubricant. What differentiates SEX from a handjob? That wet, warm and slippery feeling. Lube helps you recreate that.
  • HAVE FUN! – Masturbation is all about one person – you! If you don’t see a specific male masturbation technique in this list that really intrigues you, who cares?! Masturbation is about making yourself feel good – whatever that means. Play with your body, find different ways to use your hands, use various household items or sex toys like the Autoblow 2+ to increase your pleasure. Whatever you do, have fun, and make sure you reach the best orgasm you could possibly achieve.

Some Handy Facts About Masturbation

Additional male masturbation techniques

1. The basics.

If you’re new to masturbation in general, then this is where you’ll need to start. The most common of jerk off techniques is to use one hand (your dominant hand) and wrap it around your cock, thumb on top, fingers on the bottom.

Begin to move your hand back and forth kind of like a pumping motion. You have complete control over the pressure by squeezing or loosening your grip and of course, you control the speed too. Feel free to add some lube for a little extra wow-factor!

2. Slow it down!

In the majority of cases, men see masturbation as a means to an end and rush through the process to hit the end goal of ejaculation. And just like sex with a partner, a quickie is great sometimes. But if you want a much stronger orgasm, take your time!

Go slowly and watch intently to how your body is reacting over time – notice the different sensations and although this will take a little bit longer, I promise that the end result is worth it.

3. Start, Stop, Start, Stop, repeat.

Okay, you want to REALLY feel an intense orgasm? This is a male masturbation technique that has more than one benefit. This is called the start-stop method, also known as edging. The idea is that you get yourself as close to orgasm as possible, and then stop before it actually happens. Allow the intense sensations to go away, and your cock to soften just a little bit. Then continue wanking – once again bring yourself to the edge of an orgasm and stop. Do this 3, 4 even 5 times and you’re going to experience an orgasm that is so much stronger than anything you’ve experienced with just a regular wank. Plus, this helps you to combat premature ejaculation, and lets you last longer in bed!

4. Double fisted.

You’ve got two hands – so why not use them? Try experimenting with both hands on your cock. Move your hands up and down simultaneously in opposite directions. You can also incorporate a bit of a twisting motion at the same time that you move your hands up and down on the shaft.

You can also use one hand to gently grip and swirl over the head of your cock while the other one pumps the shaft. This way you’re getting sensations over your whole cock which is more like the feeling of actual sex.

5. The hand screw.

This is one of the more realistic-feeling jacking off techniques because of the thrusting of your pelvis like you would do in real sex. In a standing position, grab your cock with a lubed-up hand so that your thumb is inwards toward your belly button. Then instead of stroking with your hand, you’re going to thrust your pelvis to pump in and out of your hand.

This is one of the easiest ways to simulate the real act of sex, but if you find you’re turned on by even more realism, there are a ton of male sex toys on the market that you’ll find useful such as the Autoblow 2+ – but we’ll get to that later.

6. Switch hands.

Most guys automatically use their dominant hand, but switching hands can result in new and interesting sensations that you don’t get in your regular wanking sessions.

7. The stranger.

Some guys swear by this, other guys think it’s awful, so you can be the judge if you’re willing to give it a try. Just be careful, okay? This male masturbation technique involves sitting or lying on one of your hands until it goes numb, and then using that hand to wank yourself (using the basic, one-handed method). The idea is, that because your hand has gone numb, it’s going to feel like someone else is doing it.

I don’t particularly like it, but like I said – I know a lot of men who do, so I’ll let you be the judge.

8. Don’t forget about your balls.

This is pretty straight-forward. Ever been kicked in the nuts? Right. So you’ll know that your testicles are incredibly sensitive. The good thing about that, is that is that they are also a very sensitive erogenous zone, and can contribute greatly to giving you an incredibly intense orgasm.

Start by cupping them while your other hand strokes your cock. Squeeze and release to get an idea of what kind of pressure feels best. Then, as you get more comfortable with them, you can try massaging them or pulling on them gently. If you’re new to this method, you’re going to be incredibly happy that you gave it a try – it adds a ton of pleasure to a regular wank!

9. Change positions.

Do you always lay on your back when you masturbate? Or are you one of those types that always sits up on the couch?

Whatever your usual position is, I want you to change it up. If you normally lay down, then try sitting up, and vice versa. You can also try unique positions for male masturbation that imitate sex positions that you might use when having sex with a partner.

Try getting down on all fours, or lay on the bed, face down but propped up on your arm or shoulder as if you’re screwing in the missionary position. Changing up your position can help you not only to feel pleasure in different way by giving access to different parts of your body, but changing positions can really help get the imagination going, making it easier to imagine sexy situations and help increase your pleasure.

10. The shower jerk.

There’s just something about jerking off in the shower that I can’t get enough of. Standing in the warm running water completely naked, jerking off. It’s such a different sensation than wanking anywhere else. Except maybe a pool or hot tub. But back to the shower – you can experiment with your different shower products like soap, body wash, shaving cream or even shampoo and conditioner to see how they feel used at lubricant.

You can also lean against the wall with one arm, or even press your full body against the wall and feel the slippery water and product on your skin – similar to the feeling of a real sweat-soaked screw session. You can even aim the shower head at sensitive spots for an increased sensation. Really, the shower is a place of limitless wanking possibilities.

11. Perineum magic.

This little spot is a hidden mystery of male masturbation techniques for so many. You know that little area located between your ball sack and your butthole? Most people don’t realise it has a name – perineum. And even more people don’t realise that it has a real purpose – at least as far as pleasure is concerned.

If you experiment with stroking and pressing this area during masturbation, you’ll find that it really enhances the pleasure during the act, and makes for one seriously intense orgasm! If you’re playing with this area already, you’re missing out!

12. Rolling it out.

Have you ever rolled out pasta? Or made worms out of clay? If so, you’ll be familiar with that motion of moving your hands back and forth to roll the substance in between, creating a long, thin worm-like product.

So for this male masturbation technique I want you to think of that motion with your hands, and let your cock be the plasticine. With your cock between both flat hands, begin to move them back and forth like you’re rolling out clay. Just make sure to use lube, as this requires a lot of back and forth motion, so you don’t want it to get irritated.

13. Interesting locations.

So this isn’t as much one of the actual jerking off techniques, but it IS a great new way to become aroused. Try masturbating in a new location that makes the event just a little more exciting. How about behind your closed office doors? Or in your car? In a bathroom stall at the mall?

Just make sure you’re not breaking the law, and be aware of who is around. You don’t want to realize too late that you’re actually near a kid’s playground or school and accidentally get booked for something serious.

Don’t want to get caught? Just stay home and try the Autoblow 2+ instead. The sex robot that will blow you away.

14. Stay clothed.

Did you ever have the opportunity to dry-hump when you were just so aroused but sex wasn’t an option? Dry-humping can actually be very pleasurable, and you can simulate that experience by keeping your clothes on when masturbating.

Rub your hard cock through your pants. Just be sure you’re not wearing pants that are too thin if you have to be somewhere soon after. When you blow your load, it may be noticeable through certain pants. Throw a tissue in there beforehand if you’re concerned about that.

Also, thicker material such as denim, can help prolong the orgasm which can be really fun if you’ve got the time on your hands.

15. On the rocks.

Ice is often overlooked as a male masturbation technique, but it can be a lot of fun if you’re up for it. We all know what happens when your member gets cold, right? Well using ice is a great technique when it comes to edging, or the start-stop method that we talked about earlier. Grab an ice cube from the freezer and get into your favourite masturbation position. Just as you’re about to cum, graze the ice cube off your nuts. (Don’t hold it there for long, that’s not fun.) It’s amazing how quickly the urge to cum will disappear. Do this a few times, and you’re guaranteed a super intense orgasm when the time comes!

If the ice cube is too much for you, chill your hand in a bowl of ice or cold water and use that instead. Feel free to use the ice on other areas too. Put the cubes on your nipples while you masturbate for an extra sensation.

16. Play with your whole body.

During intercourse, your whole body is usually involved, either in foreplay or during the actual act. Get to the know the rest of your body, and learn where it feels good for you to be touched. It’s different for everyone, but a good place to start is with your nipples. Try squeezing, flicking or pinching them during the act to see how it affects your arousal. It might seem weird at first if you’re not used to it, but trust me – it’s a sure-fire way to get a stronger orgasm.

17. Bangin’ bananas.

This is definitely one of those male masturbation techniques that isn’t for everyone – especially if you don’t like bananas. Because yes, bananas are actually involved but no, you don’t have to eat them if you don’t want to. Regardless though, it’s a really unique sensation that I recommend everyone try.

First thing you need to do is find a nice ripe banana, and cut off the ends, trying to get the length of the remaining banana to be about 1 inch less than the length of your erect cock. Then, you’re going to make a slit down one side of the banana, just through the peel, and take out the actual banana. Eat it or throw it away, it doesn’t matter. It’s the peel that you want.

You’re going to wrap it around your cock, forming it your own shape as best you can, away you go. You can pump the peel back and forth, or thrust your pelvis while you hold the peel around your cock, pumping in and out. The inside of the banana will provide a wonderful, natural lubricant that is sure to get your juices flowing.

Feel free to experiment with the banana peel too. Try leaving one of the ends on so it’s closed and hits the end of your cock when you thrust. Or see how it feels if you leave it shorter or longer. There are so many options.

18. Let those boys dangle.

When it comes to jack off techniques, the balls are all too often left out of the picture. But there is so much pleasure to be had with them! This is one of my personal favourites actually.

Sit at the edge of your bed, chair or couch so that your balls can actually dangle over the edge. Now whether you choose to thrust into your stationary hand(s) or pump your cock, you’re going to focus on having those balls swing back and forth a bit. When you’re having sex, these boys will almost always be swinging back and forth, unless you’re lying on your back. So it simulates that same feeling.

You can also try using a (very sturdy) drinking glass here too. Place the glass below your balls, so they’re actually dangling right into the glass. Then you can use the rim of the glass, by placing a bit of upwards pressure, to stimulate the perineum during the process. Dangling balls, perineum stimulation and cock stroking all at once – probably the ultimate combination of wanking techniques you’ll ever find. (Enjoy 🙂

19. Porn

Okay, so not an actual physical male masturbation technique, but it’s important to vary your porn. If you always put on porn when you masturbate, try it without. Let the imagination run wild and see what comes up. If you’re used to watching porn, masturbating without it might take you longer to climax, but just sit back and enjoy the ride.

On the other hand, if you NEVER watch porn when you masturbate, give it a shot! There are a plenty of free porn websites available, and you’ll probably be amazed at how turned out you get, and the size of the load you blow.

20. Your own “blowjob”.

The idea with this male masturbation technique is to simulate the feeling of a real blowjob. You’re going to want to use a good amount of lube for this one so you can begin to imagine that your cock’s inside a mouth.

It takes a bit of practice to get it just right, but it’s worth it once you get there. So, what you’re going to do is form a pair of “lips” with your thumb and index finger, basically linking the tips of these fingers to create a circle. You’ll keep this hand/fingers stationary while you use your other hand to push your cock through the circle, or “lips” as you might refer to it here. The feeling is very unique as far.

21. G-Spot Stimulation

Some men feel uncomfortable using this as one of their jerk off techniques, but once you feel the sensations it creates, you’ll be excited!

Both women and men have a G-spot (super erogenous zone). For men, it is located just inside the anus. By inserting a finger inside your anus and curving it towards your scrotum, you might be able to massage your prostate gland which is, essentially, your g-spot. In many cases, however, it’s hard to reach on your own. In that case, you may want to get an anal sex toy to help you.

Massaging your perineum (as mentioned earlier) targets the g-spot from the outside. While it still feels good, it feels AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE when done from the inside. Trust me.

22. Last but definitely not least, the Autoblow 2+.

Okay, so far all of the above mentioned wanking techniques can be done with your own two hands, some lube, and possibly a common household item. But using sex toys for male masturbation can also be fun – and if you’re into blowjobs machines (who isn’t?!) then the Autoblow 2+ is definitely worth a try!

There are other male sex toys out there, but none of them compare with the Autoblow, because it’s fully automatic. You can just plug it in (that’s right, no batteries), lube your cock and put it inside for a feeling that is so realistic it’s hard to believe it’s a ‘toy’. It is my favourite male sex toy by far!

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