#27 Honey, I Fucked The Couch

honey i fucked the couch

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Ok, now you are ready to expand your jerking boy repertoire to include large inanimate objects that you can actually hump.

First, check your couch, it should preferably have three separate heavy cushion seats, one of which you are going to use for this technique.

Next, you need to equip yourself with a sandwich bag, a plastic bag or a piece of plastic wrap.

Insert the plastic between one of the couch cushions ensuring the bag is sufficiently exposed to allow you to penetrate it.

Using your fingers, form a gap in the plastic bag through which you can insert your cock. You must lube up well for this male masturbation session. You should also apply lube to the inside of the bag to ensure a nice, slippery entrance, but be careful not to get any lube on your couch material or your mom/wife will notice and they will wonder where the greasy stains on the cushions came from.

Now you need to ensure you are good and hard and ready to fuck your couch.

You can probably guess the rest, but you need to jerk-off by thrusting your hips in and out. By placing you hands on top of the cushions you can apply extra pressure as you hump, and at the same time, you can hold the top of the bag to ensure it doesn’t slide out of place.

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