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There’s no doubt about it, Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network, or AEBN for short, offers everything – and I do mean everything, a porn connoisseur could possibly want in the way of pornographic entertainment, from MILF’s to midgets, 70’s retro to right up to the minute rubber.

Their extensive and constantly growing XXX movies downloads portfolio allows you see the entire movie legally and responsibly rather than stealing a three minute stream from one of the free sites such as Red Tube or Cliphunter, and you have the option to rent, buy or simply watch porn videos streaming.

Adult Video On Demand is the porn industry’s way of fighting back against what has become a pressing problem; that of unprecedented porn piracy. The adult business, already struggling from free, user-generated porn on the Internet, saw a 22 percent steep decline in DVD sales and rentals last year, more than twice that of Hollywood. That’s because punters are satisfied with a free 3 minute porn clip rather than having to watch a full porn movie.

The adult entertainment business was once grudgingly acknowledged as a pioneering industry that led the way for innovations later emulated by Hollywood – first to adopt video, and first to embrace the Internet, among other things. Now the adult industry is being hit hard by piracy, and what happens could be a harbinger for Hollywood.

But AEBN delivers what free porn download sites simply cannot: first of all they have the pick of the XXX movies downloads being produced from several top production houses, second, they offer High Definition porn which gives you hot porn pictures like you’ve never seen them before, and third, you have the option to build up your own extensive and exotic porn library to keep, rather than just spending frustrating hours trying to view poorly edited clips on free sites that end just when you don’t want them to.

AEBN’s easy to use filtered menu quickly helps you to find a genre that turns you on, in addition to thousands of adult movies download choices, you can quickly find what’s new, whether it’s your favourite stars, favourite genre, or even your favourite production studios, watch a free clip and then quickly start to download porn VOD.

There are flexible price plans too starting with a porn movie rental option for as little as US$4.95 or you can pay for porn VOD by the minute. US$84.95 buys you 1000 minutes of prime downloadable porn and you can opt for whole porn movie productions or just scenes from movies.

But you may ask, why would you bother paying for porn VOD if so much porn is easily viewable for absolutely free from so many different porn sites?

One big reason is that free porn sites won’t be around forever. Yes they are popular now but the massive bandwidth they chew up means they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to run, and many free porn sites are simply giving up or will have to change their business model and start charging. And that’s assuming they don’t get slapped with massive fines from prosecuting lawyers. Also, let’s not forget, your IP number is traceable every time you download. Do you really want to be prosecuted for downloading illegal porn?

So by opting for AEBN’s reasonably priced high quality porn movie downloads, you can not only ensure uninterrupted service, but you are also helping the porn industry to keep on giving you top quality content.

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