Best rear-entry sex positions to try with your partner

The WheelbarrowIt’s no secret that rear-entry positions are a favorite position among many, and the traditional doggy-style has earned itself quite a reputation over the years with both men and women. There is something about entering from behind that is very arousing in a physical and mental way. By the way, we’re not talking about anal here, we just mean that the man is physically behind the woman.

Oftentimes, these positions can feel tighter and deeper than front entry, making it more satisfying for both parties involved. But there are many ways other than doggy-style that you can practice rear-entry. Here are a few different positions.

1. Seated
For this, the man must be seated on the edge of the bed or in a chair. Facing away from him, the woman sits on his lap, lowering herself onto his penis. She is completely in control of the action, going as fast or slow as she pleases. He can put his hands on her waist to help her bounce up and down. Plus, this is a great position for her to manually stimulate her clitoris or to use a toy at the same time.

2. Standing
Depending on how flexible she is, have her bend over, placing her hands on the floor. If that’s not possible, have her rest her elbows on a chair, or even a table. The more she bends over, however, the better the sensations for both of you will be. Once she is in a secure bent-over position, the male can enter from a standing position behind the girl. The blood rush to her head if she’s completely bent over will add to her pleasure, but it may also mean she can’t be in the position for too long.

3. Laying flat
In this one, the woman should lie stomach down on the bed, with her legs slightly apart. The man then enters from behind and the woman should then close her legs completely, creating tightness around his penis, and incredible friction between the two.

4. Laying twist
The woman is laying down for this one too, but she needs to start out lying on her side with knees bent. Then twist her upper body so that her chest is flat on the bed, but her legs still out to the side. Put the top leg (still bent) out a bit further than the bottom one and get into a comfortable position. The man can then enter from behind. The different angle will give a completely different feeling than just lying flat down.

5. Wheelbarrow
This one can require some muscle if you’re going to do it the original way. The woman should bend over and put her hands on the floor, then the man lifts up her legs in a ‘wheelbarrow’ position and she can wrap them around his waist. He then enters her form this position.

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