Impress your lover with advanced oral sex moves

Impress your lover with advanced oral sex movesOn this page you’ll find advanced fellatio and cunnilingus techniques. These oral sex tips are for the more experienced. Please read through our basics first. Come back to this page when you’re done for the ultimate guide to advanced oral sex.

For both men & women

  • Suck on a mint just before or while you’re giving oral. The mintiness will make your lover tingle with pleasure. Just make sure it’s sugar-free to be safe.
  • Slip an ice cube in your mouth on a hot day. Let it melt, then go down on your partner.
  • Take a sip of warm water for the opposite effect. Alternate cool & warm water to keep him/her guessing.
  • Hum or moan while you’re performing. Your lover will feel little vibrations coming from your mouth.
  • Tease for a good 3 minutes before giving them what they want. Put your face as close as you can to their genitals, but avoid touching it. Lick their thighs, the creases where their leg meets their butt, slide your tongue downwards from their belly button. Then go at it like a wild animal after you’ve worked your lover into a frenzy.
  • Try analingus.
  • Flavored lubes are great.

Advanced Fellatio Techniques

  • This one involves your mouth and both of your hands. You’re going to be sucking him while sliding your dominant hand on him (pretend your hand is an extension of your mouth.) Use your other hand to massage his balls and very lightly tug them in rhythm with your sucking.
  • Try using just your tongue to please him. Lick from his perineum, to his testicles, and all the way up his penis. Swirl your tongue around the head, then flick your tongue against the underside of his penis where the head meets the shaft. This feels great because it’s a very sensitive area.
  • Lick the whole corona (the ridge that goes around the penis where his head meets his shaft) and tip of his penis using the underside of your tongue.
  • Deep throat him
  • Slide your mouth up and down him and move your tongue from left to right against the underbelly. If this sounds confusing, imagine drawing a wavy line that goes up and down his penis. Do that with your tongue while sucking him.
  • If you feel like teasing him, stop once in a great while to rub his manhood on your soft face and breasts. Put your sweet spot close to his face and tell him to smell your excitement.
  • Slide your mouth up and down him while moving your head around in circles and figure eights. This allows him to explore all the angles of your mouth and rubs his penis in a very nice way.
  • Some men like a light teeth grazing but many are scared. Ask him what he likes before you try this one.
  • If he’s okay with anal play, slide your well-lubricated finger into his rectum and massage his prostate gland.
  • If he’s not okay with anal play, use your knuckle to stimulate the area between his testicles and anus. This area is called the perineum. Use a firm pumping motion and keep your knuckle wet so it doesn’t pull the sensitive skin there.

Advanced Cunnilingus Techniques

  • Flutter your tongue on her clitoris. Please remember to keep your tongue soft and wet. A stiff tongue could end up hurting.
  • Do a “suck-lick” pattern. Start off by sucking her clitoris for 30 seconds, then licking it up and down. Alternate between sucking and licking her clit for as long as you feel like it.
  • Suck on one of her lips at a time. A woman’s labia doesn’t get the attention that it should. This attention could be very arousing to a woman.
  • Insert your finger or fingers into her vagina and shunt it in and out while sucking on the clit.
  • Turn your head sideways and start at the top near her clit. Take one lip at a time and suck it into your mouth. Slide your way down her labia until you reach the bottom of her vagina or go even further until you reach her anus. Either perform oral sex on her anus or repeat sliding up and down her lips.
  • UseĀ a “NZ” pattern on her clitoris. Draw a capital N with your tongue, then do a Z. Repeat for a minute.
  • Put your tongue at the opening of her vagina and lick up to her clitoris. Keep every lick juicy and wet. Lap it up like you can’t get enough.
  • Eat her out while you finger her anus (if she lets you). Move your finger around in small circles inside of her.
  • Draw circles around her clitoris with your tongue. In between each circle, suck her clit into your mouth. This feels amazing to women.
  • Thrust your tongue in and out of her vagina. This is more psychological than physically pleasurable, but it’s still enjoyable.

These are some oral sex ideas that you can use to blow your lover’s mind tonight. This list is by no means a manual. Change something if you want to. Add your own creative ideas to it! Be open and willing to explore all the pleasures of oral sex.

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