Learn to pull out in time

Why Are You Pulling Out?

Learn to pull out in timeYou’re probably here because you’re in one of the following situations… You have no condom or other birth control handy. (If you’re reading this substantially before having sex, please go buy some now.)

Sometimes you can get condoms free at Planned Parenthood clinics or STD/GUM clinics. We have a clinic near here, for example and we simply ask for a few condoms. Free!You can try these kind of clinics and ask for condoms.

You’re tired of the “feel of rubbers.” (Please bear in mind that thinner condoms may feel more pleasurable, and that polyeurethane condoms can transmit body heat better and feel more “natural,” while putting some warmed lube on the inside of condoms as well as the outside may increase sensation.)

Your partner wants to “feel natural” (yes, a of lot people hate condoms).
Your ladyfriend says she’s on the pill, but you don’t buy it (should you even be dating her?).
Your penis is numb from desensitizing agents.
Your ladyfriend hates pills and is sensitive to spermicide.


  • Cheap: it’s free, unless one factors in potential costs of STD testing and treatment, pregnancy, abortion, and emergency contraception.
  • Some people consider it to be more “natural.”
  • Some women prefer to have semen deposited on their bodies (the belly is a popular spot) after sex. (Note: This can be done alongside condom use; just remove the condom after withdrawal and immediately before ejaculation.)


Statistically, there is a 4-6% risk of inducing pregnancy with perfect coitus interruptus. It is important to note that precum can contain sperm, so even if you pull out in time, there is still the possibility of pregnancy.
Pulling out should not be considered an effective method of STD prevention, as pre-cum and vaginal fluids can contain enough viruses to transmit HIV, herpes, HPV, or a host of other diseases. Condoms are the only reliable, widely-available way to substantially reduce STD risk during intercourse. Please bear in mind that, in the US, as many as half of HIV-positive people may not know that they are infected.
Anxiety affects sexual performance: if you or her are worried about pregnancy, you may have premature ejaculation, or she may not orgasm.

How to “Pull Out”

Before having sex, you may wish to masturbate a few times, or use other means of birth control first. Learn when you “come,” and notice what your penis does as you ejaculate. Also take note if you emit a lot of precum: since the act of ejaculation involves emptying the prostate and Cowper’s glands, if you go easy, you may come more than once in a session; if you were in a woman, you’d be loading her up with some of your 15 million (impotent) to 300 million (very potent) sperm load. “Know when you come.”
The underside of the penile shaft is one of the more sensitive parts: overstimulating it triggers ejaculation. If it starts to “feel good,” you may want to slow down, and get ready to pull out!
When you orgasm, you probably have 1 to 2 seconds to “yank” your penis out from the vagina: and when I say yank, I mean yank! You will have an automatic urge to either not do anything at all, or to deliberately go deeper: after all, the act of sex is insemination; push yourself away from her!

After the Fact, and If You Miss

Where ever you end up putting your semen, it should go anywhere away from the vagina. If she’s near ovulation, her vaginal lips may be emitting cervical-produced mucus: sperm dumped there can get her pregnant. You should wash off any semen and your penis with soap and water. If you miss, you can take two immediate actions…
Wash out the vagina with soap and water: do not douche; it will only push the semen closer to the cervix.
Lookup availability for emergency contraception: it depends on country or state. If you can get it, get it.


  • Abstinence: but you’re having sex already, so this is a moot point.
  • Spermicide: 2-3 days after ovulation, your ladyfriend’s chances of impregnation are extremely low: hence even if you leave semen in her, she won’t get pregnant; however determining this is a science. If you’re curious, lookup rhythm method or cervical mucus.
  • Going to oral sex. What guy doesn’t like oral sex
  • Manual stimulation (Hand job)
  • Anal

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