Research on penis size

Research on penis sizeIt is commonly known that penis size influences how much power a man feels, his sense of masculinity, and how confidence he is about his sexuality.

Yet, there haven’t been many research studies that have focused on the subject. But one recent study surveyed more than 51,000 heterosexual men and women on the perception of penis size. This study, published in the Psychology of Men and Masculinity journal was conducted by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and California State, Los Angeles. The research team examined the relationship between perceived penis size and body image among other variables.

Two thirds of the men who participated in the study rated their penis size as “average” in comparison to other men. Almost half of these men reported wanting a larger penis. Twelve percent of the men felt that their penis size was small in comparison to other males. Not surprisingly, 91% of these men stated that they wished their penis was bigger. A total of 22% of the men considered their penis size to be larger than average. Only 14% of this group of men reported wishing that they had a larger penis. Overall 55% of men reported wished their penis size was larger.

Why size matters

The perception of the men’s penis size was related to overall perception of body image and attractiveness. Men who reported a smaller penis size were also more likely to report a lower perception of their overall physical attractiveness. These findings varied only slightly across age group. So, the results of this study show that men from ages 18-65 expressed similar concerns about penis size.

The concern about the size of one’s penis begins in earnest when boys begin comparing themselves to other males standing to their left or right at urinals. Males don’t always realize that the size of a flaccid penis may not be proportionate to the size of the same penis erect. So, two males who are 3.5 inches when not erect won’t necessarily be the same size when erect.

Fast forward a few years to watching adult male actors in porn films. Logically, men know that the actors are chosen in large part (pun intended) based on the size of their penis. Still seeing one big penis after another, seemingly making women experience ecstasy like never before, works negatively on the ego.

Why penis size shouldn’t be a concern

Women generally are not as preoccupied by the size of a partner’s penis. The results of the UCLA/California State, Los Angeles study provided some support of this. More than 26,000 heterosexual women also participated in the study. Sixty seven percent of the women reported their partner’s penis size as average, while 27% of women reported their partners had large penises. Only 6% of females reported that their partner’s penis size as small. There were a few women (2%) who wished their partner’s penis was smaller. Overall 84% of the women reported satisfaction with their partner’s penis size.

The brain is the biggest sex organ of all. So if a female perceives a man with a larger penis to be a better lover, she may perceive him to be, simply based on this belief. Actually, one study suggests that some women do in fact report more orgasm with a larger penis. But anatomically a large penis is not required.

Refer back to the 2% of female participants who reportedly wished their partners were not as large. They were probably the women who were in pain. A penis longer than 6.5-7 inches is likely to hit repeatedly again the cervix during intercourse. Men may like that. There’s a certain amount of pride in “putting a hurting” on a woman with a big penis. While some women may find that pleasurable, most women just find it painful. This deep thrusting also puts pressure on the bladder and increases the likelihood of a urinary tract infection.

A man doesn’t need a large penis to satisfy a female. The G-spot is only about 3 inches inside of the vaginal canal. The stimulation can be maximized with the rear entry (doggie style) position. There is also great sensitivity at the entrance of the vaginal canal. So the thickness of the penis is more important in this way.

And for the significant number of women do not regularly experience orgasm during intercourse, a few fingers, tongue, or sex toys are all that’s needed to stimulate the magic button-the clitoris.

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