How to use male sex toys with a partner or for solo-play

male sex toysIf you’re a man looking to use a sex toy for masturbation, then you’ve got a lot of toys to choose from – but yet there are still so many men who are nervous to use anything other than their good ol’ faithful hand. The sad thing is, they’re really missing out. Using a toy can be far more stimulating for many reasons.

1. You can be lazy
Okay, so you still have to do some work, but using a toy does mean that you have to do a lot less work – and you get a lot more pleasure in return. Who doesn’t love higher productivity rates, right?

2. Variety is the spice of life
A lot of people get into a masturbation habit. Maybe they climb into bed, jerk it off quickly with their hand and go to sleep. And while that’s okay for most days, why not spice it up a bit when you’ve got the time? Grab your favorite toy, put on your favorite porn and make a night of pleasure out of it!

3. It feels better
I’m not trying to say anything against your good ol’ faithful hand, but these male sex toys make everything feel better. The life-like materials of masturbation sleeves and fake pussies play (orgasmic) tricks on your mind, while the prostate massager simply promises longer-lasting, more intense orgasms. You really want to say no to that?

4. You can last longer
Because the sleeves are typically tighter than a real vagina, it’s a great way to practice your stamina. If you can last 10 minutes with one of these super-tight toys, you should be able to last at least 20 minutes with a real woman. Just use the toy until you’re at the brink of climax and then stop. Do this as many times as you can before you explode, and increase your stamina but doing this on a regular basis.

5. And simply – why the heck NOT!?
The toys are available, they’re not too expensive, and they feel amazing. So what are you waiting for? There’s nothing to lose!

Playing with a partner

Now that I must have convinced you that you’d be crazy not to have a toy for self-pleasure, let me tell you that they can be incredibly erotic to bring into the bedroom with your partner as well. But how do you incorporate them? Easy.

A masturbation sleeve can be an excellent form of foreplay. Have your partner lube up your member and insert him into the sleeve. Then they can kiss you all over while pumping the sleeve up and down. The incredible tightness of the toy, mixed with the physical touches from your partner is sure to get you very aroused. Plus, your partner will likely find it very arousing for themselves watching you get so worked up. When you can’t handle it anymore, remove the sleeve and go in for intercourse.

And a prostate massager is the perfect toy to use during sex. Simply insert it into your anus before having sex with your partner, and then thrust away as usual. The pleasure derived from the tightness in the anus, the pressure on your prostate and your shaft thrusting into a woman’s vagina may be overwhelming the first time you experience it, so expect to climax very quickly and powerfully. Many men have reported having large amounts of ejaculate and very intense orgasms when having sex in this manner.

But whether you choose to bring your toys into the bedroom with your partner or use them on your own time – you’re sure to enjoy yourself just a little bit more than usual.

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