Getting together with fellow fetishists

Getting together with fellow fetishistsFor some people, dressing up in leather and practicing bondage is the bedroom won’t fulfill their need for BDSM. As well, having your partner watch you masturbate might not be enough to satisfy the exhibitionist in you. In these cases, you’re going to have to extend your resources.

The internet is a wonderful thing, and by searching the internet you can find chat rooms and websites devoted entirely to fetishes. There are many websites where you can watch live webcams and chat with real people about your fetishes. If you have a foot fetish, you can watch a person on the camera do what you want while you type to them, or watch a man type to you in a latex outfit.

These types of websites are perfect for people who are still too shy to get out into the real world and tell people face to face that they have a fetish, and they’re proud of it. For those that are ready to get out there and talk about it – almost every major city around the world has fetish nightclubs that cater to people just like you.

Fetish nightclubs are night clubs with a strict dress code – fetish attire only. What does that mean? It means a lot of leather, latex and PVC clothing. They will also have themes incorporated as well, such as Super Heroes, Punk Rock or even Christmas where you can incorporate those themes into your outfits as well.

Some fetish clubs have specific themes, such as female domination and male submission. In these clubs, men often must wear collars or chains for the female dominators to lead them around by. Men will grovel at women’s feet they don’t even know, why the women make these strange men kiss their feet, shine their shoes, or whatever else they please.
Other more extreme fetish clubs will also include semi-private fantasy rooms such as exhibitionist cages, dungeon rooms, glory holes, voyeur rooms, and large play areas for groups. At these clubs, clothing is usually removed at the entrance and put into a locker. What happens from there is up to you. You can watch, be watched or join is other interesting fun.

Having fetishes can be fun and exciting, but just make sure that you’re always safe. Bondage can be pretty safe, but there are some extremists out there who enjoy water bondage (under the water) or suffocation play, where you and your partner take turns bringing each other to a state close to suffocation and then releasing. There is no need to judge what others do, but if you are going to partake in any time of fetish play, make sure you trust your partner. Only then can you know that they truly respect your limits, and it will ensure you both enjoy yourself.

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