Finger someone’s anus

Finger someone’s anusSlipping a finger into your partners anus during sex can be both arousing and unexpected. Some love it, and some hate it, so be sure to know your partner before trying anything like this spontaneously.

Before You Get Started

Anal Fingering

Before you get started, one must first consider some important facts about the rectum:

  • The rectum is not self lubricating. This means that unlike the vagina (see how to finger a girl), entry will not be as easy. You will need a lubricant, preferably water based.
  • The rectum is very sensitive. Be gentle, there are numerous nerve endings.
  • This can be fun! Talk with your partner about your desires, or theirs and become comfortable with the concept before engaging.

The First Time With Your Partner

Going for it for the first time with a partner can be frightening, but nothing ventured nothing gained right? Manicure, manicure, manicure! Do not attempt this if you have ragged, unclipped nails. This is not an area where your partner is going to want a nasty scratch!

Try it on yourself first. You will do this with a partner a lot better if you fully understand how it feels.
Start out having regular sex interaction with your partner. Make sure they get really aroused before you start attempting anal stimulation with your finger.

You may choose to stimulate your partner’s genitalia – stroking the penis or fingering the vagina – at the same time, but be aware that genital stimulation will cause the anus to contract! So if anal relaxation and, later, penetration is the goal, lighten up on the genitals during anal stimulation. You can alternate back and forth until the back door is ready to go!

Begin by lightly stroking their asshole without penetration. Be sure to use adequate lubrication! This cannot be over-emphasized! Remember to begin with a light touch. The nerve endings are very sensitive and your partner will respond better to feather-light stroking. This will cause the anus to relax and become receptive to penetration.

If your partner continues responding positively, start *slowly* moving the *tip* of your finger into their anus. If you meet resistance, pull out and continue stroking the outside. Penetrating too far and too quickly will often trigger a very painful muscle spasm which will bring the festivities to a rapid halt.

Constantly monitor their reaction to make sure they’re enjoying themselves. You may wish to alternate genital, nipple and anal stimulation.

If they are receptive, try *slowly* penetrating their anus with your index finger. If their anus feels sufficiently relaxed, you may eventually insert more than one finger, but the key is to *go slowly* at first. If all goes well, your partner will tell you when to pump up the volume!

Fingering Your Own Anus

Fingering your own anus can be a new and exciting form of masturbation for both men and women. Use your own judgement when touching yourself, and be sure to use lubricant. Another safety note would be not to put anything in your ass that you could have difficulty getting out later, stick with just your fingers until you become more experienced.

Cleaning Up Afterwards

Remember, after fingering an anus your fingers will be dirty. Do NOT use your anal fingers on the other person sexually until you have cleaned them. Doing so could lead to vaginal infections or perhaps Ecoli. When you’ve finished fingering the anus, regular soap and water will do. Make sure the soap is anti-bacterial.

A few tips about anal play

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