Give someone an enema

Give someone an enemaThey say that fiber is good for cleansing the bowels. I am sure it is but where is the fun in eating bowl after bowl of Shredded Wheat? Not only will you tire of shoving spoon after spoon of that shredded goodness into your mouth but its fairly likely that you will have a hard time deriving much sexual enjoyment from it. How then is the sexual deviant ever expected to keep their bowel clean? Well my sick friend, you need to discover the wonder and power of the enema. What is an enema you ask? An enema is when you push liquids into the anus as a means of cleansing the bowel. Enemas have pretty common use in a medical context as well as being used by many for sexual satisfaction.


Enema equipment comes in all sorts of sizes and kinds. The basic equipment that you need is an enema bag, tubing, solution and lubricant. Equipment can be purchases at a number of places. Good places to try are Amazon and Froogle. You can also find kits at your local pharmacy as well as any medical supply store.

Enema Bag

The basic of an enema is that you are putting a lot of fluid into your bowels which you then push back out as part of a bowel movement. Naturally you have a number of choices regarding how much fluid to push into the bowels. This is largely determined by the size of the enema bag. In general, depending on the size of the persons body anything between a half a liter to a liter is safe to use. When just starting out though it is best to stay on the safe side in order to avoid cramping and other issues.

Tubing and Nozzle

The next component of the enema is the tubing and the nozzle. This is what connects the enema bag to the anus. Most enema kits sell these along with the enema bag but check to be sure.


There are a LOT of options for this all depending on what you are looking to get out of your enema. A lot of the kits sold in stores like CVS come with an enema solution already. There also exists hundreds of recipes on the internet, everything from herbal enemas to coffee enemas to the Mae West enema. A good website with a number of recipes on it is
Many have reported that they find varying temperatures to increase their satisfaction. When starting out it is best to keep the enema temperature warm, the sensation will be new enough without throwing temperature into the mix. Once used to it though you might want to try raising or lowering the temperature slightly. The advantage of this is that the farther away from your body temperature you get the more you will be able feel the solution itself flowing through you. This adds a whole new level of stimulation.

Get into Position

Now that you’ve got all the equipment its time to get everything together, lubed up and ready to go.

Assemble and Clean

Follow the instructions that came with the enema set up to assemble the enema kit ad fill the bag with the solution that you have prepared. Be sure to clean it all first with warm soapy water before you put it together. This includes the bag, the hose and the nozzle. Pay special attention to cleaning off the nozzle since this will be the part that comes into direct contact with the anus. Make sure that there is no air in the tubing and that all the connections are tight so that they won’t pop off easily. To help get rid of any residual air that might be in the tube it is best to let the enema run a tiny bit before insertion.

Lube it Up

Depending on how large the nozzle is and how small the person’s asshole is the act of sticking the nozzle in to them could be slightly painful. This is why copious amounts of lube should be applied. Because nozzles are often rubber it is best to use a water based lubricant for this. Stay away from KY Jelly, its not a bad lube but it is definitely not the best either. For a good smooth feel get a bottle of AstroGlide. It will usually be found next to the KY Jelly. Apply lube to both the outside and inside of the person’s asshole. Don’t be afraid to use too much, there is no such thing. The only danger is using too little. You also might want to apply some lube to the outside of the nozzle itself.

Lay Down and Stick it In

The orientation of the person all depends how they feel comfortable. Many first timers like lying on their left side with their anus facing the person administering the enema. This allows them to feel a little less vulnerable. Lying on the left side allows the fluid to go into the colon easier as human anatomy give a quick left turn when going from rectum to colon. Another good position is having the person lie on their stomach with a small pillow under the abdomen to raise their ass slightly into the air.

Slowly insert the nozzle into their anus keeping the bag level with the nozzle or even slightly below in order to prevent the flow from starting before you are ready. Don’t stick the nozzle all the way in, make sure it is securely in but there is enough still out that you will be able to remove it quickly and easily when finished or in the event of a problem.

Administer the Enema

Now that the nozzle is inserted and everything is ready to go it is time to get things going.

Release the Solution

One of the more interesting ways to get your coffee buzz in the morning.
Once everything is securely in place and both you and your partner are ready to begin release the clamp on the enema and slowly start to raise the bag. The key here is to do is slow so that they have a chance to get used to the sensation and too much doesn’t try to go in at once. If this happens then the pressure will build up too much and the flow will stop. Keep raising the bag slowly checking with them on a consistent basis to see how they are doing and if they want you to stop.

Cork it and dump it

Once the bag is empty you will want to remove the nozzle and replace it with a butt plug. It is a good idea to lubricate this prior to starting so that no time is spent doing this. The plug will keep the fluid from leaking out while they work their way to the bathroom. The enema should be held for varrying lengths depending on the reason it is being given. If it is for just cleansing purposes 3 minutes should be fine. If it is being given for torture/domination then many wait till the cramps begin.

Once it is time to expel the enema the person should proceed to the bathroom and move their bowels like they would normally.

Important Safety Note

Remember that your body will absorb whatever is in the enema as if you had consumed it. Keep this in mind when choosing the solution to use. If for example you give an alcohol enema, be very careful because it will intoxicate the person and if given too much it can kill them. This is the same when it comes to coffee and other enemas.

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