How to Have Fun with Sex Swings

First things first: a sex swing isn’t something that’s easy to hide so you better consider now whether you have ample space at home to hide your soon-to-be-toy from your children’s view. There are many ways for your children to learn about the flowers and the bees, but letting them see sex swings are definitely not the way to do so. No doubt you agree.

What is a Sex Swing?

If you believe you have the necessary room to give your toy a new home then we finally get to the fun part: understanding how sex swings work.

Basically, sex swings are harness-like devices which are designed to provide alternative positions and techniques for sexual foreplay and intercourse. A traditional sex swing would require one person to be on the swing – suspended of course – while the other is mobile. In most cases, a traditional sex swing would also come with back and buttock support as well as leg stirrups.

There are other designs for sex swings. A door swing, as its name clearly suggests, may be mounted on the door. A body swing, on the other hand, requires greater flexibility from at least one of you since it needs a partner’s body to act as the swing stand (don’t worry, it sounds more complicated than it really is).

Tips for Using the Sex Swing

Using a sex swing can be awkward for couples at the start. Here are a couple of tips to help you out with your future sex toy.

– Make sure you install it securely.

If you need to drill a hole to harness your sex swing then make sure that you choose an area that offers the stability and security you need.

– Practice balance and flexibility.

You can’t rely on the sex swing completely. Sure, the sex swing will make it easier for you and your spouse to enjoy the more challenging sex positions, but it can’t do all the work for you. It’s critical that you work hard on improving your balance and flexibility as well. Consider workouts like yoga and pilate, both of which focus on improving your body’s form, strength, and grace.

– Be imaginative.

Here’s one great tip: women get to be on top, too. Simply put, the woman doesn’t always have to be the one supported by the sex swing. It can be the other way around as well! Equality between the sexes, remember?

Research! If you can spend hours and hours searching the Internet for the simplest things then surely you can take the time to search for new and fun positions that you can try out with your wife?

Last but not the least, experiment! This is the most fun way to conduct a trial by error experiment, don’t you think? Even if the position you imagined didn’t quite work out, the road to discovery would work just as well as foreplay!

Love Swing from Topco Sales

The design is simple, easy, and comfortable to use. What else can you ask for from a sex swing? This love swing model is in great demand so if you find one, you better snap it up because someone else surely will soon.

Topco Sales’ love swing provides soft padding stirrups for your back, buttocks, and your legs. That way, you can use the swing as long as necessary without suffering from any discomfort. The nylon straps are extra wide to give couples a better grip and stability. They are also fully adjustable to accommodate all sizes and build.

Users rave about how versatile this love swing is – you’ll know if what they say is true when you and your partner test it out for yourselves!

Spinning Sex Swing from Topco Sales

If you are searching for more variety or a greater challenge then check out the Spinning Sex Swing which is also manufactured by Topco Sales. Its highly innovative design allows couple to take advantage of 360 degree rotation while enjoying all forms and kinds of sex. If you only used to rock your wife’s world with sex, this time you’re going to make the world go round and round as well when you use the Spinning Sex Swing.

As always, this model offers soft padding for support. Needless to say, this model is not good for those faint of heart. Definitely, if you’re quick to feel nauseous or dizzy, this isn’t the sex swing for you as well.

Pleasure Swing from Whipsmart

There is a lot of things to like about this sex swing model from Whipsmart. Firstly, compared to other sex swings in the market, the Pleasure Swing is certainly more pocket-friendly. It’s also easier and quicker to set up, which means it’s something you can take with you and use when traveling.

The Pleasure Swing also comes with a cheetah-patterned design, which right away sets the tone for the night: wild hot sex coming up!

Another great feature of the Pleasure Swing is its heavy-duty performance. Once you’ve installed the springs properly, your sex swing can handle a maximum weight of 400lbs! That means the swing can also hold both of you together if you’re of average weight…and then some.

A special system has also been incorporated for quick adjustment of straps. Sure, a lot of sex swings are fully adjustable but most of them still require you to stand up or move here and there in order to shorten or lengthen the straps. But that’s one minor irritation you won’t have to suffer from with the Pleasure Swing. Once you’ve reached the ideal length, securing it is quick and easy. You can get right back to whatever you’re doing without having to worry about the straps collapsing or anything like that.

It’s all safe. Whipsmart’s got you!

You want to hear the best thing about this model? It’s the instructions! We’re not just talking about a guide for installation but also a very helpful guide about the variety of positions you and your spouse can try out when using the Pleasure Swing. These positions are excellent to start out with and are sure to spark your imagination.

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