Sex during pregnancy

Sex during the first trimester

sex during pregencyAfter a couple has been trying to have a child and they get the news that they are pregnant, they are usually over the moon. It’s really a special time.

As the woman begins to show and gets that pregnancy glow, she becomes more attractive than ever. The male usually begins to see her with new eyes. She’s sexier to him now than she has ever been before. He just can’t get enough of her.

She on the other hand is preoccupied with all of the changes that are occurring in her body. She is gaining weight and of course her stomach is getting bigger. She is likely experiencing “morning” sickness morning, noon, and night and fatigued beyond belief. The last thing on her mind is sex.

Sometimes one or both partners become fearful that sex may increase the chances of having a miscarriage. This isn’t true. Most miscarriages within the first three months are due to genetic problems. Also the tiny developing fetus is protected by the uterus in which it grows.

Sex during the second trimester

An interesting change occurs during the middle three months of pregnancy. As she gets bigger and the baby starts kicking, the father to be may begin to feel uncomfortable with having sex. She too may initially have reservations about sexual interaction during this time. However, frequent hormonal surges will usually take care of all of this. These hormonal fluctuations along with an increased blood flow to the genitalia during this time will heighten her sex drive.

Sex during the last trimester

During the last few months of pregnancy the woman is usually feeling most uncomfortable with her weight, swelling of her legs and ankles, and once again struggling with fatigue. The baby is kicking a lot. The two of you may be concerned that sex may harm the larger but still developing fetus or otherwise cause her to go into premature labor. These concerns are usually unfounded, unless she is already beyond her due date.

Safe sexual practices during pregnancy

Communication about your feelings, concerns, and needs during the pregnancy is really important. Try to be as open and honest as possible about the changes that are happening in her body and between the two of you.

When engaging in vaginal intercourse, choose the positions that are most comfortable for her. Also remember that these positions will change as her body continues to change.

Anal intercourse is not recommended during pregnancy or several reasons. One reason is that it is common for pregnant women to experience problems with hemorrhoids. Also, the potential for infection that can affect the developing fetus from fecal matter reaching the vaginal canal is too risky.

Another way to modify sexual behavior during pregnancy is to spend more time engaging in mutual masturbation. Also more oral sex may be desired. If the male is performing oral sex on the female, it is very important to remember no to blow air into vaginal canal. Blowing air into the vaginal canal at any time can result in a blood clot in a vessel. This condition is a life threatening one for the mother and the developing child.

If you are not in a monogamous relationship it is essential that condoms are used with all partners. Finally, if sex toys are being used, they should be washed thoroughly before and after every use.

For more information about sex during pregnancy, explore the Kids’ Health and Mayo Clinic websites.

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