Chivalry is dead? Since when?

Chivalry is deadChivalry is dead, or some claim it is anyway. In this day and age it may be hard at times to decipher “gender roles”. Over the years women have become extremely empowered and self-reliant. Long gone are the days when a man pulls off his coat` to cover the puddle before a lady pollutes her shoes.

And granted, these days, women don’t want to be molested on a daily basis (well, maybe a little) and not many of us need you to come to our rescue every single time we are the proverbial “damsel in distress”.

Yes, we are independent. Yes, we are strong and confident. But don’t be mistaken; we still want to be treated like a lady.

A long, long time ago, a man just wasn’t a man without raising his sword and shield in defense of his maiden or demonstrating some type of ultra-heroic accomplishment. And women would swoon over their acts of courageousness and admire them as their “knight in shining armor”.

Oh, how things have changed! Not only have we as women taken much of that away from you guys admittedly, but to be quite honest, you’re partly to blame.

Men still want to feel like men, right? We understand your need to be the protectors, the defenders, and yes even the breadwinners. We also understand you want to be portrayed as the strong knight riding in on his horse not to mention unequivocally unemotional. We get it, your ego must be stroked from time to time by allowing you to do manly things for us and taking charge when need be. We appreciate how essential it is for you to feel you “hold the keys to the kingdom”.

And with that power, comes great responsibility!

Chivalry is dead? Hardly… at least most women don’t want it to be. Frankly, many believe you don’t practice it enough. Contrary to popular belief, we are not trying to take any of these things away from you. We are still women. Yes, we are confident and strong and sometimes brazen. But we still like, still need to feel vulnerable and want you to take the reigns at times.

There is a small part of us that still wants to be taken care of and made to feel safe and protected even if it’s the smallest gesture of you walking on the curbside of the sidewalk. It can be as simple as watching us struggle with something and coming to our aid without asking.

Gentlemen, pull out the chair for your lady at dinner and make sure she orders first, open car doors and storefront doors (not just for your girl, but all women!). Offer to kill those disgusting little creatures we despise without first making fun of us. And for God’s sake, is it that hard to walk her to her door at the end of the night? If your not feeling that “chivalrous” at least wait a moment in your car when you drop her off and make sure she gets in the house!

You want to be treated like a man? That starts with treating a woman like a lady. Some say chivalry is dead because women wanted it that way and most men don’t care anymore. I believe men still want to be highly regarded as men but are afraid that women will repel the notion. Men and women can still stand in equality without sacrificing your masculinity and our femininity.

I challenge you men to be courageous, be admirable, and take a stab at being chivalrous when the opportunity arises. You might be surprised with her reaction.

The future of chivalry

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