Platonic friendship

Is it possible to have a platonic friendship while in a relationship? I’m sure some people would agree to disagree with me, but in all honesty I don’t think...


When to leave a relationship

There may come a point in time when our heart grows tired of waiting for something we know isn’t going to come and there is nothing more for us to give…...


How to break up (or not)

Breaking up is hard to do for most of us and many do not have the first clue how to break up. There is really no right or wrong way to go about it. I take that...


Why men cheat

Many of you may wonder why men cheat. For many different reasons really, but some are self evident. There are some things that we as women can do to prevent...


How can you walk away?

How can you walk away? I’ve had this question asked to me several times in my life. I have never had an issue with walking away from a bad situation be it a...


Getting a girls attention

To get a girl’s attention you must do the following: Make sure you are not a stupid person, if you are you can forget about it right now!!! Wow if...


Dealing with the torment

For the most part we have dealt with the sort of disposition and character that promotes and encourages a loving relationship in our lives. However, due to the...


Basic needs of partners

Young couple walking hand in hand in rural landscapeThere are a few extremely important basic needs of you and your partner that form the foundation for a...


Be a Better Fighter

Sometimes fights are unavoidable — you disagree with your friend over a crush, you fight with your honey ’cause he’s been paying too much attention...


My Honey Cheated … Now What?

For many people, once cheating happens, all bets are off. They end it and go their separate ways. But of course, all couples are different, and some feel they...


The Long-Distance Low-Down

So, your honey lives far away from you. Maybe that’s the way it always was because you met online or during a vacation. Or you once lived near each...

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Hi, I’m Joseph O’Connor. I am a twenty-six year old man from Texas, USA. I fell into writing about sex toys when I was looking for a way to both try new things and explore my body… Things progressed rapidly. It turns out there aren’t many (straight) men that can talk about sex the way I do without getting downright ridiculous. I’m always reading more/learning about the human body and sexual response and always looking for ways to improve my sex life (and that of those I come in contact with)

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