How to break up (or not)

How to break upBreaking up is hard to do for most of us and many do not have the first clue how to break up. There is really no right or wrong way to go about it. I take that back, there are many wrong ways to go about it but we’ll get to that.

Every situation calls for a different way on how to break up. It depends a lot on how long you have been together and how serious you have gotten along the way. You wouldn’t just blow someone off and not answer their calls if you’ve been dating for six months now would you? (O.k. maybe some of you would) You know the situation better than anyone. Go with your gut and your heart, but don’t hurt them. Hmm, let me rephrase that; please don’t intentionally hurt them!

Here are a couple of extremely immature ways on how to break up:

  • Text messages, e-mail, or phone (Really? Coward.)
  • Never when there is outside drama or excitement thinking it will take away from the blunt force (wait till things cool down).
  • “It’s not you, it’s me.” (Yep, you may be right there!)
  • “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” (What does this mean?)
  • “I just want to be friends.” (Uh, you mean you want more “friends”.)
  • By annoying them enough to actually break up with you. (You’re really a coward.)
  • Never in front of other people (Can you say psycho?)

The number one way NOT to break up is by telling them there is someone else (if there really is I feel sorry for you). This may seem like an easy out but realistically speaking they are going to feel like you ripped their heart and spit on it before it hit floor. Not to mention make yourself look like a complete and utter tool which they will be sure to pass along as far and wide as they can. They may even build a website dedicated specifically to destroying any chance of happiness for you (Although I would not condone it, I certainly wouldn’t blame ‘em).

On the other side of the fence; unfortunately, sometimes breaking up with “certain people” (stalkers!) warrants rudeness and outright cruelty. But, normally with normal people, whatever you do, don’t be cheesy, don’t be cliché, and don’t be mean. Tell them your honest feelings and end it on as good of terms as you possibly can. Talk about it; be respectful and have a little class so you both can move on for the most part unscathed. O.k. my turn to be cliché; do unto others… Enough said.

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