Flirting 101 for shy people

Flirting 101 for shy peopleFlirting in the typical way of batting eyelashes, flashing some muscle, or being completely hilarious and witty – may not work for everyone. For a lot of people, trying to flirt can often have the effect of somehow making them ridiculously UNfunny. Usually, nerves are to blame, but whatever the cause – it doesn’t make it easy.

If you’re one of these people that just can’t seem to flirt in the conventional manner, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a life of being single forever. There are plenty of ways that you can flirt or let someone know you like them without having to be that super confident, witty guy or girl that seem to follow you everywhere, chatting up everyone but you.

Deciding how to flirt with someone largely depends on the situation that you’re in. Are they a complete stranger? Do you go to school or work with them? Are they a friend of a friend?

If the person you want to flirt with is a complete stranger, a great way to send them a flirtatious comment is to write them a note on a small piece of paper and hand it to them before walking away. Write something like “Your smile makes me smile. I’d love to get to know you more” and add your name and phone number. This is a really sweet way of letting someone know you’re interested in them, but you don’t have to stick around to be rejected if they’re not interested.

If the person you want to flirt with is someone you work with or go to school with getting their email address should be easy. For many people who get nervous in person, hiding between a computer screen can really build your confidence, and since you can take more time to correctly phrase your next comment – you’re less likely to say something completely stupid. If you can keep up a flirty banter over email, next step is to invite them to do something with you, and see how they respond.

If the person you’re interested in is a friend of a friend, you can try looking them up on your friend’s Facebook account and adding them as a friend of your own. Facebook gives you a good idea of what they’re into, and it may give you some assistance when you’re trying to decide how to approach them. You can try talking to them on chat, and share pictures and videos with them that you think they’d be interested in, based on what their page suggests.

Just keep in mind that flirting over the computer is a great way to initiate contact and let the person know you’re interested, but it’s not the same as talking one on one. So once the initial conversations have been started, be quick to ask the person out. Not only will that tell you if they’re really interested – you’ll also find out if you can get along in person too – which is most important.

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