Why men cheat

Why men cheatMany of you may wonder why men cheat. For many different reasons really, but some are self evident. There are some things that we as women can do to prevent triggers that will make a man even think about cheating. For all the others, well, they are just selfish players that think certain rules don’t apply to them and will continue to do what they do.

Of course if you just recently started dating a guy, it should be common knowledge whether the two of you are dating others or if you’re exclusive. It is never too soon to make this clear. Why? Because if you both say Oh, I’m not seeing anyone else (especially after you have done the deed), well then that kinda means that you are only seeing that each other and you are expecting that they are not sleeping with other women.

If they are sleeping with other women and they are not honest about it right away, you have just encountered the Player… He will cheat on you and every other girl he is with because all he cares about is the next notch on his bed post to tell his friends about. So why do men cheat when they are in relationships?

Why Men Cheat Reason No. 1

Because they’re bored. My boyfriend explained this one to me and although it is hard to swallow it is something for all of us women to think about; and I quote, “It’s like waking up every morning and having a Snickers bar. And one day you think you might want to try a Mr. Good Bar. But then after you had it, you think Nah, I think I really like the Snickers.”

So what’s a girl to do to keep him interested and lure him from the temptation of not wanting to devour a different flavor of chocolate? (Understand that the Player will always want a different flavor!) Keep it interesting. Try some new positions in the bedroom, buy some sexy lingerie, or surprise him when he comes home with some good music playing in the background and only candles lighting (the best lighting in the world!) your whole house.

Why Men Cheat Reason No. 2

Because we let ourselves go. When we start dating someone for a while, we tend to get comfortable. Maybe we skip that one work out (which of course turns into two or three) or we’re running too late to shave our legs that one Friday morning and we forget that we put our I’m-not-getting-any-tonight-panties on (we all have them!).

Eeew… we have just stepped into the “comfort zone.” Unfortunately, we have to continue to keep ourselves up. It’s expensive; hair appointments and manicures and make up, oh my! But, we always have to be on top of our game. Sure there will be times that they see us in our granny panties; we just have to make sure they see us more in Victoria’s Secret…

Why Men Cheat Reason No. 3

Because we allow them to. If your man cheats on you and you stay with him, why in the world would he think you would leave him if he does it again – and again – and again? It’s like a little kid; if they get away with pushing your buttons they are going to push harder just to see exactly how much they can get away with.

I’m sorry, but if your guy chooses to stick his turtle in someone else’s muddy pond and you let him get away with it, odds are he’s going to find even more ponds for his turtle to swim in and explore. My mother used to use this saying frequently and it still sticks in my head and I live by it; “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me!” (I like to use a much more harsh word than ‘fool’ of course;)

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