Basic needs of partners

Basic needs of partnersYoung couple walking hand in hand in rural landscapeThere are a few extremely important basic needs of you and your partner that form the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship. Without the basics, the foundation is weak and the longevity of the relationship is doomed to failure.

So often we become mesmerized with someone and fail to see them for who they really are. What is actually dwelling inside the heart and soul of the partner that you have chosen? It is often said that the eyes are the window to a woman’s soul. Be certain that you are looking, and don’t let yourself be blinded my misconceptions.

Not only is it very important to seek fulfillment of the following basic needs in your partner, but also within yourself. If you do not posses the ability to understand and fulfill the needs of your partner, then again, the relationship may seem good from the surface, but longevity will be compromised.

1) Honesty

This one is big. A lack of honesty on either partners part will have serious ramifications. Once dishonesty is experienced, you will find yourself lacking the ability to any longer trust your partner the way that you have in the past. You will find yourself beginning to question things from the past, present and future. Reoccurring dishonesty will leave you with feelings of resentment and eventually, purposely hiding things from your partner. Honesty Page

2) Respect

If she doesn’t respect herself, how will she have respect for you? We all deserve respect, not only from our partners, but from life in general. You, by the same token, must exhibit respect for your significant other. Respect what? Her wishes, desires, dreams, decisions and her general being. The list goes on and on…………..

3) Support

Being supportive of each other is crucial. Have you ever found yourself in the company of someone who casts a black cloud over everything that you say and do? Obviously there are times when it is appropriate to try to steer someone in a different direction, but that as well can be done in a way that will not be perceived as unsupportive. A lack of support for your partner will undermine their self respect, respect for you and weaken the bond that woman desire to have with their partner.

4) Sharing

Ok guys, for the majority of men, this is a tough one. We have been raised in the old school methodology that we do not wear our emotions on our sleeve. As a result it becomes very difficult for us to share our feelings and emotions. Big problem for the woman in your life! Actually, a big problem for ourselves as well. Bottled up feelings and emotions are not healthy, and cause undo stress on us physically and emotionally. How can problems and concerns be resolved if they are not brought into the open and placed on the playing field? We have all heard it at one time or another. You never share your feelings with me. How can I know what you are feeling if you don’t tell me? The variations of these questions are numerous and should indicate how important it is to a woman that you are open to her emotionally.

5) Compassion

Another tough one for many men. Again, our general lack of compassion is a result of the old school upbringing syndrome. Don’t expect her to feel sorry for you and comfort you in times of need if you are not willing to do the same for her! Reality? Reality is that if you don’t, someone else will! The vultures will be circling and waiting for their chance to be the shoulder for her to lean on. That’s reality!

6) Affection (no, not just good sex!)

We all want affection. It is human nature! We need to exhibit affection on a regular, yes, daily basis. Good sex is obviously a need, but without the company of affection, it will lead to the inevitable statement, “all you want me for is sex”, or ” you never pay attention to me until you want some”. A hug, a touch, a kiss (passionate kiss), or a statement of how you feel about her. That’s all it takes guys! Your efforts will be rewarded tenfold!

These are only a few examples of what it takes behind the scenes to make a relationship great. Look at it this way, give to your partner all of the things that you desire from her, and you will get what you deserve, don’t do it and again, you will get what you deserve. Think about that for a minute and read between the lines!

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