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What you should know about prostate massagers

If you’ve shopped around a sex toy shop any time recently, then you’ve probably noticed a new type of toy that is becoming more popular: prostate massagers. A lot of men initially mistake these toys for being women’s sex toys because of their phallic shape but they are actually intended for guys. So if you’ve been looking past these toys and wondering what they’re even for, prepare to be educated.

What you should know about prostate massagersThe reason that anal massagers often look phallic in shape is because they are designed for penetration. That’s right – prostate toys are functionally anal toys. This can be a bit of a turn off for a lot of guys who automatically associate any sort of anal play with homosexuality. However, these toys are absolutely worth a try for any guy who wants to expand his sexual horizons and explore a new type of sexual pleasure.

Prostate massagers are designed to stimulate the prostate gland, which is located deep inside the male abdomen. The prostate is a little walnut shaped thing that is found below the rectum, around the same area as the bladder. The prostate has a couple of different functions relating to male sexuality, the most important of which being the production and expulsions of seminal fluid. In other words, without the prostate you wouldn’t be able to cum. This also means that by stimulating the prostate, you can actually enhance orgasms.

We’ve all had orgasms that were really great, and others that just weren’t that special. Pretty much all orgasms feel good, but some just don’t feel quite as amazing and intense as others do. What prostate massagers do is help to make every single orgasms one of the great ones. By stimulating the prostate, you can cause your body to produce more seminal fluid and expel it with greater force.

To use a prostate massager, you have to insert it anally. This allows for the curved head of the toy to rest on your prostate. From there, enjoying your massager is really easy. Most prostate toys are designed to move gently with your body’s natural movements. This means you can masturbate as you might normally and still take full advantage of the pleasure of a prostate massage. There are some other more advanced techniques that can be used to enhance the prostate play even further, but the basic use of these toys is really quite simple.

It can seem a bit strange or scary at first to try one of these toys, but once you’ve taken the plunge your sex life will be changed for the better. Remember, you can enjoy prostate toys while masturbating or even while having sex, so once you’ve experienced it, there’s no reason to go without.

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