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Doc Johnson Mushroom Plug

Doc Johnson Mushroom PlugPackaging: The mushroom plug arrived in very cringe-worthy packaging, a clear plastic wallet with a plastic insert. You could easily see the plug and the words ‘Doc Johnson Mushroom Plug’, pretty obvious what it is for. On the insert is also an anime style woman in underwear. Certainly the sort of packaging you will chuck (recycle) at the first opportunity.

Appearance/Materials: The mushroom is made from a clear blue colored jelly rubber, being jelly I expected some odor, however this stinks, really really bad. I have never found another toy that smells so bad! The plug feels like it is covered in some sort of grease, wiping over helps a little but it still feels greasy.

The plug is well mushroom shaped which in isn’t great for a sex toy, but to make matters worse, there is a smiley face on the front. Very unnerving and certainly not cute at all! It is available in pink or blue as pictured.

Size/Length: length 3inches, insert-able 2.75inches, circumference 5.75 inches.

Functions/Controls/Volume: The mushroom plug control panel is a clear hard plastic; you can see the batteries through the plastic. It is powered by 2 x AA batteries which are easily inserted. There is a dial on the side which controls the multi speed vibrations. They aren’t strong or weak, the travel well throughout the plug.

Experience: This plug is advertised as being great to use clitoral, vaginally and anally. I should have known there that anything that is truly designed well for one of those won’t work for the rest. However, I was experimenting and wanted to find out if this was any good.
Clitoral is ok I guess, nothing to spectacular as it’s difficult to position a mushroom shaped object against your clitoris. Certainly no orgasms.

Vaginally it is completely the wrong shape and it just hurt so I quickly removed and tried the final one. I also had a reaction to this, my vagina was sore, itchy and I had discharge for about 5 days afterwards.

Anally I had higher hopes for however I think the shape is wrong there too, you really have to build up due to how big the circumference is. I did build up and used lots of anal lubricant but whenever I tried to insert it, it simply hurt when I got to the lip above the stalk. My body wasn’t having any of that at all.

Care/Maintenance: The mushroom plug can be used with both silicone and water-based lubricants.

To clean wipe over the control panel and plug with anti-bacterial or toy cleaner wipes.

Conclusion: This plug turned out to be one of the many toys that I got and regretted. I should have seen the signs though, buying a plug due to the price! What was I thinking?!? It was advertised as clitoral, vaginal and anal stimulation but it fails in every one, the shape is just wrong. The jelly really stinks and is covered with some sort of grease which doesn’t wash off.


  • Different intensities of vibrations


  • Cringe-worthy packaging
  • Rubber stinks
  • Covered in a grease
  • Gave me a reaction
  • Wrong shape
  • Hurts

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