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Achieve the best orgasms everIf you’re a sexually active man, chances are you’ve heard of the g-spot. Many men seek the g-spot like it’s the Holy Grail, because they want to be able to please women and be considered amazing lovers in the bedroom. What most guys don’t realize, however, is that women aren’t the only ones who have g-spots. Men actually also have something that is equivalent to the g-spot, and just like the female version it’s a bit of a mystery to many.

Probably the biggest reason that a lot of men aren’t aware of the male g spot is because in order to find it, some anal penetration is involved. Also for this reason, a lot of gay men actually experience this male g-spot pleasure without even realizing it. Does that mean that the male g-spot is just for gay guys to enjoy? Of course not! As long as you’re willing to experience something a little different, you can enjoy the male g-spot too.

So what precisely is the male g-spot? It’s actually another name for the prostate gland. Even if you haven’t heard of the male g-spot, you’ve probably heard of the prostate at least once or twice. You may have only heard of it in the context of a medical checkup. It’s true – the prostate is often a risk area for men as they get older. However, the prostate isn’t all bad. It doubles as the male g-spot, which means that exploring this part of the body can give men some intense pleasure.

Calling it the male g-spot is a pretty general way to describe the prostate gland. It’s a bit different from the female version. While the female g-spot is mainly known for producing extremely intense orgasms, male prostate stimulation is also known to increase the length of the male orgasm or even enable guys to have multiple orgasms. Are you enticed yet?

If you’re interested in exploring the male prostate, you’ll need to buy some prostatic stimulators. If you don’t know prostate toys from a hole in the ground, then you should start with something simple and basic like the Mangasm Alpha. This toy will serve as a simple introduction to prostate massage for you.

After just a little bit of practice using anal masturbators, you’ll be able to experience the full pleasure of the prostate. Prostate toys will greatly enhance the intensity of your orgasms, and make them longer to boot. You may even be able to give yourself several back to back orgasms, without any rest time in between! And we all know that if there’s anything better than an orgasms, its multiple orgasms! Get yourself a Mangasm toy and get started.

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