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Prostate toys for better healthThe human body is a very complex sort of machine. Like any machine, it requires some maintenance to help it keep working optimally for year after year. That’s why people exercise and eat well to try and improve their health. That’s even why we excrete waste – to get rid of that buildup and keep our bodies clean and healthy. However, not all parts of our bodies work as “automatically” as some of these functions. Case in point: the male prostate.

Here’s something a lot of men don’t know: just like you empty your bowels or bladder, it’s also important to purge the seminal fluid from your body. You see, your body builds up seminal fluid naturally over time. As a man, you’re probably aware already that you get aroused sexually for almost no reason, or sometimes for no reason at all. Maybe a pretty girl bends over in front of you at the store. Your body has an automatic response to that, whether you want it to or not. One of those responses it to start producing seminal fluid.

The male prostate gland is one of the parts of the body responsible for producing seminal fluid. The prostate and tubes and ducts that connect it to the scrotum and penis can start to build up excess fluid if you don’t purge it enough. How do you purge it? Simply: by having an orgasm. However, normal orgasms by themselves may not be enough to fully “clean the pipes.” You need a prostate orgasm, which is caused by stimulating the prostate before and during orgasm.

It’s entirely possible to stimulate your prostate using just your finger, but using prostate toys designed for the job is much more effective and easy. Since prostate massage necessarily involves anal penetration, it can be tricky to massage your prostate while also masturbating by hand. Prostate toys help make this a bit simpler because they can be used without needing to actually move the toy by hand.

The cool thing about these prostate toys is that they don’t even need batteries or anything, as they aren’t vibrating toys (well, there are some vibrating prostate massagers but it’s best to start with the basics). These toys are designed to stay firmly inserted in the rectum but still have enough give that your body’s natural movements will cause the toy to move and stimulate you while you jerk off. It’s a very effective and easy way to give yourself a prostate orgasm, which in turn will help to clear out your system and ensure that there’s no build up. Some studies have even indicated that it can have some effect on preventing prostate cancer!

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