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A Guide to Prostate Massagers

A Guide to Prostate MassagersIt’s not too often that you need a guide on how to use a sex toy. For the vast majority of the toys out there, the operation is pretty simple. If you know how to have sex – something that’s practically instinctual to all human beings – then you know how to use most sex toys. If the toys got a hole and you’ve got a penis, what more could you really want? However, there are some toys that are a bit more unique than your basic male sex toys. Some of these toys require a little bit of extra effort to make the most of use.

One great example of one of these more advanced sex toys is the prostate massager. Prostate massagers come in a few different shapes and designs, but we’ll be talking about classic prostate toy designs such as the Mangasm Alpha in this guide.

So let’s look at the Mangasm Alpha. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that toys like the Mangasms are lacking any sort of hole. In fact, these toys are quite phallic in their shape. This leaves some guys wondering, “What kind of male sex toy is this?” Just goes to show that this isn’t your average male toy.

It comes as a bit of a shock to some men that prostate massagers are meant for anal penetration. There’s no denying that anal play for straight men is a pretty big taboo. A lot of men get paranoid that enjoying anal stimulation means that they aren’t really straight. Others worry what might happen if their friends or family were to somehow find out about this “kink.” Ultimately, what you enjoy in the privacy of your own home is your business alone and it doesn’t mean anything about your sexuality. It just means that you enjoy things that are pleasurable!

Anyway, the Mangasm Alpha looks a bit like a basic dildo toy, except that is noticeably curved and very bulbous. You may also notice the little “tabs” that hang off the bottom of the toy. All of these features are designed for one thing: to enhance your prostate pleasure. The prostate gland itself is located deep inside your body, below the rectum. That’s why anal penetration is involved in the first place. The shape of the prostate toy is designed to cause it to rest comfortably on the prostate without having to “search” for it.

With that in mind, you’ll find that using prostate massagers is actually pretty simple. Once you’ve inserted the toy, it will be resting right on your prostate and you won’t need to move the toy much to feel stimulation. With most toys, you can even just masturbate like you would normally and you’ll enjoy an “automatic” prostate massage!

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