Types of online dating websites

online datingThere are general dating websites like On these websites individuals create a profile and can begin to search the profiles of other members and make send messages to one another at will. Relationship websites are aimed at matching individuals based on personality profiles and other important factors for long term relationships. Individuals who are deemed compatible are then matched up with one another and are able to communicate. Relationship websites such as have high success rates with matching individuals up. Other dating websites cater to a particular niche such as single parents, members of the same religion, individuals interested in interracial dating and more.

Online dating tips

Be clear about what your dating goals are before signing up
If you are just interested in meeting new people one of the general websites may be fine for you. However, if religion has an important place in your life, choosing a dating service that caters to that religious group might be best for you. If you are interested in polyamorous relationships, it would be in your best interest to join a dating service designed for other like-minded individuals.

Other people are dishonest but that doesn’t give you an excuse to be
Always post a recent picture of yourself. You want to choose a good picture of yourself, but not necessarily one from a professional photo shoot.

Be honest in all of your communication. You don’t have to tell individuals your entire life story (more about that later), but whatever you share, be honest. You don’t have to worry when you tell the truth. The truth doesn’t change.

Don’t share too much too soon
When we communicate with people online it is really easy to build a fast rapport and false sense of intimacy. But the truth is-no matter how closely connected you feel to someone you’ve only met online, you don’t really know them.
Don’t share your tragic childhood or your lifelong dream. Don’t give her your Facebook, Twitter, or personal email address. Wait! Keep your emails personable but not personal. Tell the person a little about yourself and ask a generic question or two. That’s all.

Always be authentic in your communication.
Don’t send generic emails to women you are interested in getting to know. You know the ones-“Hey Babe-when I saw your amazing profile I just had to email you.

If it’s 3 AM, don’t sent an email saying you just stumble on their profile. Dude-at 3 AM you may have stumbled on something, but it’s not her profile. Better yet-don’t send emails at 3 AM. What do you think she’s going to be thinking?

If someone you are interested in doesn’t respond to an email don’t keep emailing them
Some people just won’t be interested for whatever reason. It’s no different than for you. Some people just won’t be of interest to you. So if someone doesn’t respond to an email, just let it go. There are new people that sign up on dating services every day.

Don’t get sexual too soon
If the woman takes the lead on this then you can respond in kind. But this gets really tricky. Women tend to think that men basically just want sex. Even if that’s your intent, don’t fall into that trap.

Always meet and do so in a public place.
You need to meet face to face with a person first to make sure they are who they claim to be. You also want to be sure to meet in a public place for your protection. Sure you’re a man but they may be as well or she may still be dangerous. Also, meeting in a public place decreases the likelihood that you may be accused of inappropriate behavior that you did not commit.

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