First date outfit

First date outfitGoing out on a first date with your new guy can be as stressful as it is exciting. You want to have the perfect hair, perfect makeup and the perfect outfit. However, planning your ensemble doesn’t have to leave you parading around your room desperately flinging every piece of clothing you have ever owned in despair.

First things first; you want to look sexy, of course, but you don’t want to overdo it either. Keep your makeup light; no bright nail polish or bright red lips. Men do not really care for women who look “over done.” Most men enjoy the simplicity of a more natural look (we just know how to spice it up a little with the right makeup to match our natural beauty). And don’t overdue the jewelry; this could possibly turn him off as well.

It’s wise to keep your outfit just as simple as your makeup. It helps to know where he plans to take you. After all you wouldn’t want to show up to the local pub in your favorite little black dress or in beach attire for that matter. Oh the embarrassment!

Casual First Date Outfit:

Are the two of you just going to hang out for a few drinks and some appetizers? Pick out your favorite jeans and match them with a great shirt that reveals your neckline just down to the top of your cleavage. This way you can be comfortable through the evening and show him just enough while keeping a little mystery. Throw on you’re favorite pair pumps or flats, grab a light jacket just in case and you’re ready to go.

First Date Outfit for Lunch:

If you are meeting him for daytime margaritas it’s time to break out your cutest shirt dress. You don’t want anything too tight on a first date; a light and airy shirt dress accented with your belt of choice is perfect for comfort and style. Rock it with a pair of sandals and bag to match your belt. A pair of medium sized hoop earrings and a bold bracelet can set this outfit off.

First Date Outfit for Dinner:

Maybe he has a romantic dinner planned for the two of you with a bottle of wine at a swanky new restaurant. This is where you can break out the serious hardware. Grab your little black dress and a pair of open toed shoes. This could be one occasion where red lips (be sure to blot!) and nails are acceptable; just remember to do your toes! Still, do not go excessive on the rest of your makeup. Accessorize with a pair of small diamond studs.

Of course, these are simple guidelines to go by. Always be true to your own style; if you are loud and bright take these tips and give them your own twist on what you think your perfect first date outfit should be. The main thing is to be comfortable. Most importantly be confident!

Do you have ideas for an outfit on the first date that have really helped you seal the deal? Please do share…

Makeup, hair, and outfit ideas for the perfect first date

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