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Online dating tipsSo you’ve decided to take a chance in the online dating world? And what a big, big world it is! After all, every one is doing it these days, but where do you start? These online dating tips can help you get started. Finding a date online is not as hard as it may seem. Once you have joined a great online dating site it’s time to create a profile.It can be a little difficult and possibly a tad overwhelming when you’re asked to describe yourself on demand.

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The number one thing you must remember is be honest! Just be yourself. A persons profile can say a lot. This is where it all starts right? Think about what you talk about when you first meet someone; interests, work, family. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. And don’t forget, you can always go back and edit later on.

There are many things you need to keep in mind when surfing to find a date.

Before you even contact anyone, what exactly is it that you are looking for? Are you searching for your soul mate, someone to just hang out with, pen pals, or maybe a weekend love affair? Either way, the first thing to look for is a picture. People may say looks do not matter, but let’s face it; they do!

Online Dating Tip No. 1

You should already have a picture of yourself posted on your profile and I recommend only looking for profiles that have pictures. If you don’t follow this simple rule you are setting yourself up for the possibility of rejection or disappointment. If you don’t have a picture posted and you contact a guy, he asks for a picture, you send him one. He never emails you back… Ugh! None of us like to be rejected.

Or let’s say you start talking to someone even though you have not seen their picture. You think, “Hey, this person is pretty cool,” and you set up a meeting. Once you get to your meeting place… let’s just be polite and say the sparks don’t fly as you anticipated. It’s not worth the time and energy. It’s best to start off with both of you knowing what the other looks like in order to spark the interest.

Online Dating Tip No. 2

Screen names can be just as important. Is it their name with a couple numbers? Cool. Maybe a favorite sports team or music band. It could be a bunch of letters that you have no idea what they mean until you ask. Most of the time those are ok too; not to mention intellectual. Now, unless you’re looking for a one night stand or a person who has no respect for themselves or others, stay away from names like “DirtyNasty” or “SinCity”, and anything that has “Player” in the name. I think that pretty much tells you what they are looking for. Of course this assumption may be hasty but I doubt it.

Online Dating Tip No. 3

Keep it close to home. Is it possible your soul mate is located hundreds or even thousands of miles away? Sure it is. Is it likely it will work? Probably not. Even if they are willing to fly you off to their world for a weekend it is nearly impossible to really get to know someone by spending so little time together and a few phone conversations.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t venture out away from your hometown. I would just try to keep it within a distance that both of you are willing to drive. Of course if one of you is looking to relocate then no harm no foul. (But beware of those who ask if you would move away from everything you know and love in the very first email they send you.) On the other hand, if it’s just a weekend relationship you are searching for be sure to have every inch of information you can have on this person and pass it on to many friends along with your flight information. This also applies to any first date with someone you have never met.

Whatever it is that you are looking for the main thing to remember is to trust your instincts. If something is not feeling right and your gut is telling you to back off, listen to it. I know it sounds cliché but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And if the red flags are flying up in the first couple of emails, don’t ignore them. Just hit the back button on your browser! After all there are plenty of singles in cyberspace.

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