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Copy paste and bang!Copy Paste and Bang is a brilliantly new online dating guide to help men meet women online. Not only does it give you great pointers to meeting women, Beaver Phillips also gives you all the tools you need to seal the deal (get them to sleep with you!) I know you ladies are probably thinking OMG! No he didn’t!

Well, that’s the same thing I thought when I first heard the title; after all, it is somewhat harsh (but it sure is catchy isn’t it?). Actually, I first heard about Copy Paste and Bang when my favorite morning talk show host’s, Dave and Chuck the freak from 89X out of Detroit, interviewed Beaver.

I have to say, I wish there were more guys like Beaver when I was single and wanted nothing more than to have some honest fun. So many guys are dishonest when they don’t need to be because let’s face it; there are many women out there who are not looking for their soul mate at the moment.

There are plenty of women who just want to date, have sex, and have fun; safely and honestly. Beaver (what a pseudonym he picked, right?) makes it clear that this online dating guide is not misleading in any way, no tricking women, and he totally does not believe in taking advantage of women in any way shape or form.

Beaver explained that the three main points that he goes over in the book are (1) Self Confidence, (2) Humor, and (3) Honesty. There is actually a chapter in this 233 page book that Beaver titled “Lying equals too much work”. He is extremely sincere when he says you must be honest and get your intentions out early. (And trust me when I say from personal experience that women respect guys more when we know up front what your intentions are!)

Beaver even tells you to stay away from sites like E Harmony because this site is geared specifically for finding your “true love”. His main focus is on and Match. Plenty of fish is a free site, but Beaver also highly suggests becoming a member of Match, “because people pay for it, they tend to take it more seriously.”

I would definitely recommend this read to anyone who is looking for safe dating and safe sex and being honest that this is all you are looking for at the moment. Although Beaver said that about 80% of the people who buy his book are men, the other 20% are women. Hence, men and women alike can get something out of this book!

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