Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Cheesy Pick Up LinesAh, cheesy pick up lines; most of us women love to hate them. I can’t say that I know of one woman who has actually dated a guy that used some lame line on her. Some might seem cheesy and make you look like a total dork; others could actually get you a slap across your face (maybe you’ve experienced this?). When I was a bartender I got hit on regularly and most of the time a guy would just be straight forward and move in for the kill. This I liked whether I went out with them or not. It was honest and there was no dancing around the subject or wasting time trying to think of the perfect line that was going to (hopefully) strike my interest. In all honesty I can only recall one time when a guy actually tried to use a lame pick up line on me. Needless to say it didn’t work:

One night I waited on this guy who I could tell was a complete douche bag, but I humored him and talked for a few until he said to me, “Ya know, you would look really good with a Louis Vuitton hanging on your arm.” I bit my tongue and didn’t say anything to embarrass him (although I really wanted to and probably should have!) When he could tell I wasn’t all that impressed (didn’t take much), he went on his merry little douche bag way to the next girl in the bar hoping that the allure of an expensive hand bag would land him a trophy on his arm.

So, does a good pick up line really work? In my opinion keep it real, it’s better to just be straight forward and honest. Of course, a great line may serve as a good conversation starter with a girl that you really want to get to know (not). However, be warned that it could also get you a drink in your lap, a skank for the night, or even a psycho stalker for life; guess it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Feeling lucky? Maybe wanna prove me wrong? Take the Love Sources dare, use one of these lines and let me know how they work for ya (or how badly they don’t)!

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