Three things women want to hear

Three things women want to hearWomen want to hear certain things to make us feel safe and secure in our relationships. You should know by now that women are creatures of communication. We love to talk and although we know men are not at their best when trying to communicate with us, there are little things you can say to us at just the right moment to assure us you are paying attention.

Women Want Reinforcement

Women want to hear you sayYou’re beautiful. When you answer your phone and say Hey beautiful; or when we are just sitting there watching our show or reading our newest book and, out of no where, you tell us how beautiful we are. The best time to tell a woman how beautiful you think she is, is while making love to her.

Women want to be reassured that you are (still) physically attracted to them even if they have gained a couple pounds or when you see them in the morning without their face on and their hair is a mess. (My boyfriend tells me this is when I am most beautiful but I still find that very hard to believe!) No matter how long you have been together, you have to compliment her on her beauty regularly. However, don’t try to over do it and remember to be sincere; don’t just say things to say them (Trust me, we can tell the difference).

Women Want to Hear How You Feel About Them

I know this is the last thing you guys want to hear, but we really do want to hear how you feel about us. Also, knowing how much you all despise talking about your feelings, you’ll be glad to hear that it doesn’t take getting down and dirty, completely opening up your heart and shedding a few girlish tears to accomplish this.

Simply tell her (sporadically) Do you know how much you mean to me or You’re the best. Want to say something even more uncomplicated but still get your point across? Simply tell her I was thinking about you today.. That will put a smile on her face quicker chocolate with a glass of red wine! And if you’ve reached that point in your relationship where you’ve both said the “L” word, then tell her you love her; frequently.

If Your Wrong, Admit it

And the number one thing women want to hear you say more than anything… I’m sorry. Let’s be honest, men can be jerks without even thinking about it. You start an argument for no reason or you’re in a crappy mood and the only one there to take your frustration out on is your girl. The only she did was happen to be there when you were throwing your little tantrum but yet you end up saying or doing something that makes her want to cut you off from the goods for a while.

Just because you are having a bad day doesn’t give you the right to be a tool and hurt her feelings or treat her like she’s insignificant all the while pissing her off even more with each stroke of your tongue. When you’re wrong, at least be man enough to admit it and apologize for being an ass. Of course saying your sorry is not the end all cure all (and you may still be cut off for the evening) but it certainly is a start to smoothing over the furrows that you created.

A few lies women want to hear

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