Sexy bedroom lingerie

Sexy bedroom lingerieIf you don’t have any sexy bedroom lingerie in your wardrobe there’s no time like the present to start building your sexual arsenal. Your man will be deeply grateful… not to mention, aroused.

Lingerie is yet another essential tool in helping you spice up the bedroom. Not only does it give us women a boost of sexual confidence we sometimes need, it simply drives men wild.

As you all should know, men are visual creatures. Granted, men like women naked above any thing else, but sexy lingerie gets their mental juices flowing for what’s to soon follow. You don’t really think he’s turned on by your old, beat up sweats do you? (I have been guilty of this too!) Of course, sometimes a tight pair of yoga pants and a baby doll T-shirt can do the trick but we women must change it up a bit.

Seriously ladies, we do everything in our power to look perfect before we walk out the door every day. Why in the hell would we not do the same before we walk into the bedroom in the evening (well, on those evenings you intend on getting some anyway)?

If your anything like me, this may be extremely difficult to do during the winter months, I mean, it gets freaking cold and the last thing we wanna do is take off our comfy, warm sweats and freeze our asses off in little to no clothes to feed our men’s every sexual desire (as well as their stroke their egos). Well sister, suck it up and turn on the space heater. The chill only lasts for a short time until you begin to warm each other up (and it helps the girls look more appealing)!

I’ve never met a man who didn’t appreciate lingerie. Show me a man who says he doesn’t like it and I’ll show you a bold faced liar (either that or he’s just a freak, or gay, and let’s admit it, even gay men like lingerie!).

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