Romantic Games for Lovers

Romantic Games for LoversRomantic games for lovers are pleasurable as well as entertaining. We all long to keep the romance alive. In order to accomplish this, we simply must change it up a bit. If you don’t, one or both you become bored and unsatisfied. How better to do this than spicing things up with romantic games?

Keep the spark alive with your partner by pulling one of these out from under bed once in a while! (Or more often 😉

Discover your lover

Discover Your Lover – A Sexy, Romantic Game Are you ready to connect and learn about each other on a higher romantic level? This romantic game gives you intimate questions to ask and passionate tasks to complete, giving you both the enjoyment and attention you deserve.


Sensations – A Game That Awakens All 5 Senses Talk about romance and passion! This game is said to awaken all of your five senses. The ultimate goal is to accumulate as many favor coupons as you can (the best part!) as well as accomplish all of your challenges.

The Bedroom Game

The Bedroom Game – Fun Stuff Turn a night of love making into a special romantic event. First player rolls the die, chooses their card and performs the romantic activity (and so on…) Enjoy new levels of passion and intimacy with romantic game for lovers and bedroom games.

Secret Romance

Secret Romance Game – 100 Romantic Ideas The ultimate romantic game to play with your partner… Take turns exchanging cards; follow the instructions on the card (but keep it a secret!) and show your partner how much you love them without uttering a single word. Over a hundred different ways to bring in the romance…


Passion – The Game That Brings You Closer Together The two of you can really spice things up with this game of passion to dig deep into each other’s likes and dislikes in the bedroom!

Romantic Heart Game

Romantic Heart Game Wonder why they really love you? Ready to experience the reasons the two of you got together in the first place? This romantic game is filled with over 100 romantic challenges to renew your intimacy.

Have fun and explore each other! You may not even make it past a few rolls of the dice 😉

Create your own love game using these 69 foreplay ideas

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