Why women cheat

Why women cheatWanna know why women cheat? Most of the time, I like to believe women think a lot like men. We really aren’t as different as we think. But, one area in which women definitely do not think like most men is the arena of sex.

Most men can somehow always separate their emotions from the “dirty deed.” (Hell, you men can somehow always separate your emotions from anything and everything!) But with us women it’s never just sex. Sure, when we’re just dating (not anyone specific of course) or we’re just doing it to do it, we can say to ourselves It didn’t mean anything. And there are also a few of us (more than most women are willing to admit) who are simply raging nymphos and have experienced a cornucopia of meaningless sex.

However, if we are dating just that one special guy or we are in a committed relationship, it always means something. Reasons why women cheat are very different because when we are really with someone, we are with them because we want to be and we would never think about betraying our men. There aren’t a lot of women “players” out there. In my opinion the reasons women cheat can be broken down into two categories. So why do women cheat?

Why Women Cheat Reason No. 1

You’re really not the guy for her and she is just biding her time for the love of her life. This could be an ex that abruptly left her and she is dying to get him back or it could be that she has surreptitiously waited for the man of her dreams to get rid of his lame girlfriend.

I know this sounds harsh (and by all means does not make it ok) but your girl may cheat on you if she is holding out for someone else and that someone becomes available at the wrong time. When I say wrong time I mean the other man becomes available before she can let you down easy. Although she may care about you, she wants to pounce on the opportunity that has recently presented itself and things “just happen.” Unfortunately you never had a chance; “Mr. Right” has clouded her thought process and she gets what she wants (or so she thinks) at your expense. Or…

Why Women Cheat Reason No. 2

You really are the man of her dreams and you are completely blowing it. She worships you and she has proclaimed her love in any and every way that she possibly can. She cooks for you; she cleans for you; she gives you whatever you want (within limits of course because we all have them) whenever you want and does whatever she can to make you happy. Despite all of the things she does to keep your interest you begin to inadvertently pull away.

You become consumed with everything other than her and forget to show her or tell her how important she is. You have forgotten to exhibit the intimacy and the passion that you once made an express effort to do. The more she tries to tell you how she feels, the more you pull away because your either too busy or you think it will simply work itself out. She begs for your attention and you brush it off as her being too needy. Well, my friend, you need to wake up!

If you don’t give your woman what she needs, she will turn to another man who will. To a woman intimacy and passion are just as crucial as sex is to a man. It’s not all about an orgasm for us; that is a mere bonus. We want to feel special and important and appreciated. If everything that we do for you is taken for granted and never reciprocated (or at least appreciated) we will soon grow tired of trying and fall into the arms of another. Unlike the first scenario, you have complete control over this. Don’t blow it.

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