Physical attraction

Physical attractionDo looks really matter? You bet your ass they do! Think about it, physical attraction is typically the first thing that brings two people together. What usually happens when you’re out and run into a strikingly gorgeous little nugget of the opposite sex (or same sex depending on what team you play for)? You of course take a second glance and the first thing that pops in your head (among many thoughts I am sure 😉 is Damn he/she looks good.

Physical attraction gets our hearts pumping and our hormones raging. Seriously, what is it that makes you strike up that first conversation and ask for their phone number? It’s because there is a physical attraction. Even people who are searching for a date online, what is the first thing that they look at? That’s right, your profile picture.

What happens when you peruse that dating site and find a picture you fall in love with, then you meet them and they look nothing like their pic? You’re completely devastated (not to mention pissed) because you were anticipating a person who you were attracted to!

Sure looks aren’t everything. It takes many things to make a relationship a success. But it’s time people start being honest. Being attracted to a prospective partner comes before anything else. It gets the romantic wheels a spinnin’.

Men and women who are in romantic relationships will not make it without having physical chemistry. Let me ask you this… Could you have sex with someone who you thought was ugly, and enjoy it? Seriously? It’s that simple.

Call me superficial, but everyone cares about physical attraction. If your mother ever told you, Looks don’t matter sweetie… She did it to make you feel better, she’s your mother and that’s what they do, as biased as it is.

Now let me elaborate so I don’t seem like a heartless bitch. While physical attraction is important, everyone’s definition of beauty is very different. For example, Julia Roberts used to be married to Lyle Lovett. I am a huge fan of Julia and think she is absolutely stunning. However, I can’t imagine crawling into bed next Lyle Lovett every night! But Julia was attracted to him. She certainly didn’t need his money, right?

Each person is going to have different tastes and we all have our standards. I don’t care what anyone says, there’s nothing wrong with this. Finding your perfect someone who you are attracted to and who is attracted to you in return doesn’t mean you have to have the perfect body, the perfect face, the perfect anything according to any one else but the two of you.

I remember when I was still on the dating scene, I was turned down by many men who thought I was too skinny, my boobs weren’t big enough, or my hair was too short. Of course, at the time it made me feel inadequate and made me contemplate breast implants and a weave (both of which make me cringe at the thought now)!

But now I realize, hey that’s what they were physically attracted to and there is no shame in that. No more so than me turning down a guy who was overweight. I was not and could never be attracted to that. To say the guys who turned me down were superficial or shallow would be disingenuous.

Attractive is defined as “a characteristic or quality that provides pleasure” and every person is going to be pleased by different things. The first and foremost thing that sparks the beginning of any relationship is the attraction between two people. After that, everything slowly falls into place or it doesn’t.

If you are physically attracted to someone and they you, who else matters? And trust me, if you’re at a point where you feel like no one is attracted to you, just remember what one man disregards and tosses to the side, another man will pick up, pamper, and cherish forever…

The importance of physical attraction

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