10 great first date ideas

10 great first date ideasFirst dates can be uncomfortable and exciting all at the same time. Here, you are getting to each other, and things between the two of you are probably as nerve-wracking as they’ll ever be between you. You may find yourself a tad uneasy and wondering how to ease your anxiety by coming up with a killer first date idea to impress her. So, where should you take that special girl for that all-important first date?

If she’s the creative type…

  • Take her to a museum  
    Whether it’s artistic or historical, if your girl’s an intellect, she’ll definitely enjoy checking out the exhibitions that your local museum has to offer; even if you have to drive a few miles out of the way. Be sure to go somewhere that offers something of interest to you as well. A date is supposed to be fun for the both of you!

Is she a bookworm?

  • Go to a bookstore for your first date… 
    O.k., this may sound a little geeky, but a bookstore can actually be a very intimate place; especially those little local used bookstores that not many people visit frequently. A bookstore with a café is an even more attractive first date with a bookworm. Sit down, have a cup of jo, and talk about the latest books that you’ve read. She will appreciate your creativity!

If she’s high-energy…

  • If she is into comedy and loves to laugh… 
    Is your date full of energy and likes to have a good time at the expense of others? O.k., even if she’s not as bad as I am, she’s sure to have a good time laughing her ass off during a great comedy show. No one can complain about a bad first date when you both laughed hysterically the whole time, right?
  • Take your date to the zoo… 
    Before you brush this one off, no… zoos aren’t just for kids. Who doesn’t get a kick out of watching the creatures of the zoo. It gives you both an opportunity to act silly, flirt, and get comfortable. Who knows, you may even catch some animals doing the funky monkey! (Awkward, sure. But funny as hell!)

For the nature lover…

  • Visit a botanical garden 
    A nature lover is sure to value your attentiveness to go so far as planning a date to a romantic botanical garden. This is her element, and you’ll be viewed as the thoughtful, romantic guy you are. Win win!
  • And who doesn’t like the beach? 
    Here is your chance to show her your can be romantic and playful. Pack a picnic lunch and a Frisbee or a football for some fun in the sun. Best part? Bikini!

For the athlete…

  • Go bowling 
    Are you a terrible bowler? Even better, take this opportunity to show her what a good sport you are. This allows you to let her know you can let your guard down and still have fun.
  • Take her to a driving range 
    Schedule an hour or two at the local golf range and go crazy. Of course, try not to be too competitive. There’s a fine line between being playful and totally making her feel inadequate.

For the thrill-seeker…

  • Amusement parks rule! 
    Women love to scream their heads off and hold on tight on a roller coaster ride. Score! (Hopefully she doesn’t scream too much) Win her a stuffed animal at the end of the date for bonus points.
  • Take her bungee jumping 
    Request a double harness for the chance to get super close. Chances are that you’ll love the way she clings to you as you both take that leap of faith! After that rush of adrenaline, take your date out for a quick bite or a drink and spend the time recounting your shared experience.

Now, don’t be lame. Take any of these first date ideas and you’re sure to make her want to go out again!

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