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Lelo Bob: A simple but stunningly effective prostate stimulator

Lelo BobThe Lelo Bob is a very simple and quaint sex toy, designed for those who wish to have a real fun anal experience without having to worry about batteries and cords, and strange and weird designs that could frighten most men. The Lelo product has nothing like that; in fact it rather looks like an old fashioned policeman’s truncheon. This is not going to hit you on the head, but it will hit the prostate gland and give the user the ultra-thrill of knowing what the prostate gland can feel like when stimulated by such a beautiful and simple sex toy.

The end of the “handle” has a whole to place your finger or thumb, does given you superior control of the insertion of the prostate massager. The handles will also prevent the tool from going too far, but much more important than that is the ability to control the movements in and out, and the twisting and turning.

Not on anal products can allow you to turn the product inside the anus. It can do this NO PROBLEM. As you twist the large and specially shaped head will constantly rub the precise area of the anal wall to stimulate the prostate gland. The beauty of this is that YOU are in total control of the massager. No vibrators out of control, No buzzing. Just you and your anus in one.

Choose from red, blue or black in color. As mentioned before the Lelo Bob is small and very convenient , and at only 32 g is so easy and convenient to carry with you for those times when the urge needs to be fulfilled. It actually comes in a very beautiful Satin container, so it will not drop out of the briefcase and cause concern. Lelo Bob is only 96 mm x 32mm, yes it is that small and yet so able to fulfill all the prostate fun a man needs to enjoy.


“Guys, I can really recommend this prostate massager for those who like it simple and effective. It is a great beginner’s product, as it just is a plug and go style sex toy with no unnecessary thrills. The beginners will really love it as the handle has not just a grip, but also a proper hole to allow fingers or thumb to take total control. Loved it, and will always keep it.” Miazz L, Cairo, Egypt..

“I at first thought this was something to know over my head, because the shape looks like that. But when I inserted this baby into my ass, I was surprised. I did not think something looking this simple would be able to touch my prostate, or do what I wanted. I was wrong, it did everything in one quick movement. I did not even use any lube on my 2nd go.” Leroy K. Adelaide, Australia.

“It felt great going in, and it felt coming out.” Patrick P, Manila, Philippines.

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