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Me timeWhen most of us first enter into relationships we are so enthralled with spending time with this person that we sometimes forget to take a little me time for ourselves. After all, you’re in love right? You want to spend as much time with this awesome person as you possibly can. You go to dinner, spend quiet evenings at home, and even plan out your weekends far in advance. Heaven forbid you act selfish and tell them you need some time to yourself!

Even when a relationship isn’t so new we still tend to get caught up in our day to day lives and the needs of our relationship that we forget our needs and things can start to become dreadfully redundant. Not taking some me time could possibly lead to relationship disaster (or at least one of you being very unhappy).

When a relationship is fresh and new it almost seems inevitable that the two of you are nearly inseparable. But you have to remember to take time for your self and allow them to have some me time too. Even if you’ve been together for years it’s important to remember the things that you want to do.

The two of you shouldn’t get angry at each other or feel left out when he wants to take a day trip with the guys or if she wants to meet her girlfriend for a drink. For some reason a lot of people get together and forget that they had a life before meeting the man/woman of their dreams.

Just because you enjoy doing certain things together (by all means you should) it doesn’t mean that all the things you used to do (that maybe they are not into) should be thrown to the way side. What happened to that new book you have been wanting to read or that lunch date with a friend you keep meaning to make? Maybe you have been contemplating a new business venture or taking up a new hobby.

Are you starting to blow off your friends, family, and the little (or huge) things you want to do because you don’t want to miss a chance at spending some alone time with your new companion or don’t feel you have the time (or even worse, think they will be mad at you for even considering doing something without them). Don’t do this!

It’s all about life balance. If the two of you never have me time, that fresh and new feeling can become a feeling of anger and contempt. And if you spend too much time together what could you possibly have left to talk about? Mix it up a little and don’t stop doing the things you once loved to do or spending time with other people in your life.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t want to spend time with them; it’s about “me time” which is necessary in any relationship in order to keep your sanity. Do not let it get to the point where it seems that the more time you spend together the more you get irritated and then the more arguments ensue. Take some time for your self that you so much deserve, for both of your sakes.

A few tips to find some “me time”

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