You’ll never get anything without effort they said,

You’re heading for a mighty fall,

But I still fondly savour a moment

When it was better to do nothing at all

I got half way to school but I just couldn’t be assed. I knew if I sat on a park bench for half an hour or so I could easily just sneak back home after my mum had gone to work. I know exactly which bench to pick, where the nerds passing through the park to get to school can’t see you. Give it till five to nine and there’s no one left but a few stragglers. Piece of piss.

The other beauty of this arrangement is, once my mum has buggered off to work, she doesn’t come back till gone six. That means even if I go to school, I am home before her so she doesn’t have to know, I can blow school at least three or four times a month in this way and no one makes any noise. I know just how far to push it.

My school, a fee paying independent, is so pathetically lenient even I think there should be more discipline. They abolished uniforms a couple of years back because they felt uniformity of clothing bred uniform thinking, or some such crap. If you take time off, they never accuse you of truanting, they’re sympathetic to you when you say you are not well, or they ask if you need some counselling if they feel you are having some ‘issues’. What a pile of bogus lame shit. I could easily exploit the whole system big time. But like I say, I just can’t be assed.

It’s easier just to get back home, take off my shoes, go to my room, sink into my big leather executive chair and watch porn. That’s just what I was doing. Oh yeah, I got it all. Don’t feel sorry for me, like I’m some ignorant under privileged latch key kid. I’ve got the big screen LCD monitor, big fuck off speakers, massive hard drive, 8mb broadband. I can lay a guilt trip on my mum any old time and she forks out. She can afford it, she’s a divorce lawyer and she also settled for herself really well. But this room is my haven, and she doesn’t come in here.

I had Cliphunter on, you know, streaming porn. Some guy was pounding the hell out of this bitch on the screen, she had a great ass and she’s moaning and groaning. It wasn’t all that amazing a porno, but it beat sitting in class. I was just about to see if there was anything better when I thought I heard the doorbell ring. Strange…this was the dead hour, no one’s usually around unless my friend Mikey has decided to blow school too. That would be cool. Yeah, I thought, that would probably be it.

I took the stairs two at a time as usual and opened the door. I was about to land an insult on Mikey for being a lazy sonofabitch when I was stunned to see Miss Jenkins standing before me, her finger just about to press the doorbell again. She looked so out of place on my front porch that it took me a few moments to click it was her.

Miss Jenkins is in charge of our year. I’d put her at about late 20’s, blonde hair, great buns. You were probably thinking specs and baggy cardigans, but like I said, this school is liberal, and it attracts young, progressive types to run its departments.

“David” she said cheerfully “How are you? Are you not joining us at school today?”

I suddenly had to affect a bad cough and rub my throat, explaining that I was down with the flu.

“Swine flu?” she asked. I said I didn’t think so, but would let her know in a couple of days time. This was new. She had never taken the trouble to show up at my house before.

“May I come in?”

“Sure” I said, and led her into the living room. I explained that I had just struggled out of bed to answer the door.

She took a seat on one of the living room leather armchairs. I watched as her leg crossed and for the merest moment I saw just an inch or two of thighs. She came straight to the point.

“David, I came over today because I’m a bit concerned. It’s the fourth time you haven’t been in this month and I was wondering if everything’s ok?”

I persisted weakly with the flu story but I could tell she wasn’t buying it. I knew something more substantial was required. But I needed to play for time to think my answer through.

I offered her a cup of tea, hinting that I would talk if she would listen. She accepted the cup of tea and during the time it took me to make it ,I decided on my story. What the hell, I thought, let’s push the envelope.

As she sat there sipping on the tea, I started to look suitably awkward, like what I had to say was very difficult for me. In fact, in a flash of genius, I decided to go one better and show her my problem.

“Can I show you something?” I said. “I need to show you the problem I have, it’s easier than telling you.”

Miss Jenkins was curious, I could plainly see that. “Sure” she said.

I said “I hope you don’t mind but you will need to come upstairs.”

There was a momentary pause while she took this in.

“OK” she said a little guardedly, “Lead the way”

We marched up to my bedroom, she was still clutching her mug of tea. I was going to be real brazen and make out like I had some kind of porn addiction. I wanted to see how they would handle it. What counselling would they give me, and how would they try to wean me off it.

When I clicked the Play button, I expected Miss Jenkins to blush and get real shocked and flustered. Well she did blush, but the next thing she said threw me.

“How long have you known?” she said.

“Known what?” I said.

“Come on David, don’t play games, how long have you known about me?”

“About you?”

“Switch it off please David.” she said firmly.

“This is the problem I want to talk to you about” I replied.

“OK” said Miss Jenkins “Switch it off first.”

I paused it. I assumed she was disgusted by porn and that we were now going to have a discussion about getting my ‘problem’ under control.

I was expecting just about any kind of reaction except for the one I got.

“OK, ok, it was made 8 years ago, I had some problems, I needed the money, and for your information I am quitting teaching at the end of term, so if you’re thinking you’re going to ruin my career with this, you’re too late I…”

Maybe my completely uncomprehending look caused her to stop.

“This is what you wanted to talk to me about, right? Me and this film?”

I looked at Miss Jenkins and then at the paused film, and then at Miss Jenkins, and suddenly, with shock, from under the black wig I began to realise who I was looking at. Miss Jenkins, a younger looking Miss Jenkins, she was the bitch getting her ass pounded!

My hand instinctively shot to my mouth “Shit, no fucking way, no fucking way…that’s you?”

Now it was Miss Jenkins’ turn to look puzzled. “You didn’t know?”, her face turned crimson. And then she said something that wasn’t like a teacher at all.

“Oh fucking bloody hell, this is so embarrassing. You didn’t know that was me? I thought that’s what you wanted to show me.”

“No, I just wanted to make out like I had a porn addiction – this was just a random porn film I had on…oh Jesus… Miss Jenkins, you’re a porn star? This is unbelievable!”

“I am NOT a porn star!” protested Miss Jenkins “I made three movies, that’s all.”

I pressed the play button again. Now I was watching this movie in a whole new light. And I was admiring the ass the guy was pounding so skilfully as Miss Jenkins moaned and groaned.”

“Please” she said looking away from the screen, “Turn it off now!”

“This is too fucking much” I said, “Wait till I tell Mikey…man! This is so fucking random!”

“No” she pleaded “You must not tell anyone… tell no one please. We must keep this to ourselves. You tell me what you want and I’ll do it, but this stays between you and me!”

“What I want?” I repeated.

“Look” she said “Ok, you got me, now you know. If I give you what you want you have to promise me this goes no further. It’s between you and me. I meant what I said, I am leaving at the end of this term but I want to leave with my reputation intact. There’s a month before the end of the school year. What does it take to buy your silence?”

In truth I was so dumb I hadn’t even thought of a way to take advantage of this, I was still ogling the buns now frozen on my giant LCD screen with a fat cock lodged up her ass.

“I want… I want us to do it here now” I said. My heart was pounding in my chest. “Just like on there.” I pointed to the screen.

“Now?” she said.

“Yeah, why not.”

She paced across my room, as if thinking about this. She was definitely flustered now. As she turned round I placed my hands on her shoulders.

“You ever seen this movie called Summer of ‘42?” I said.

“Yes… I know the one you mean.” she replied.

“Well, you can be my teacher… I mean, not just my class teacher.”

After a long pause she suddenly decided to take action.

“Get undressed”

She was already undoing the buttons of her blouse. Her lacy bra was barely containing her big tits, within seconds her skirt was off revealing black high cut panties and black crotchless tights. Man, my cock was standing to rigid attention as I peeled down my jeans.

She pulled at my shorts and grabbed my cock – my eyes were out on sticks.

“This gets out across school David, and I swear I’ll fix you. I swear it!”

“I promise, I give you my word” I said.

And she started to suck my cock. Oh boy,I had died and gone to a real good place as she took it in and out of her soft mouth, and flicked her tongue over the head. My toes were curling, my face was like a walnut from the sheer ecstasy of what she was doing. Someone had taught Miss Jenkins to suck cock.

Then she climbed on top of me and slipped my bolt upright cock into her soft wet pussy and started to ride me. Up and down, up and down, I grabbed her gorgeous ass in both hands and guided my cock as she rode me harder and harder. She was making the same groans and moans I now recognised from the movie. I had to grab hold of her tits too for good measure. They were firm and hefty in my grip.

Next she told me to stand up by the side of the bed, and, still wearing her crotchless tights, she got on all fours with her delicious round butt facing my throbbing cock.

“Fuck me doggie style” she commanded, and I didn’t need to be asked twice. It was tough, real tough to keep things together watching that gorgeous ass wobble with every thrust. I just couldn’t get over the fact I was in my bedroom porking my teacher.

It was like a bad porno, or a good porno I couldn’t decide which. And try as I did, I just couldn’t keep it going like a porn stud. She was moaning loudly as I gripped her waist, pulled my cock on top of her ass and came hot and heavy all over her plump, creamy butt cheeks. It was just heaven. After a while she turned round and sucked my cock dry.

Well what can I say, it’s every guy’s fantasy to fuck his teacher, and I fucked mine on my own bed. Not only that, she turns out to have been a porn star! There I was, just a lazy little fuck who couldn’t be assed to go to school, and I got the teacher to come out of the school to my home and fuck me good and proper on my own bed. The streaming video was just so ridiculously random, but it’s the way it happened.

She confirmed once again that she really was leaving at the end of the school year, and I wasn’t to tell anyone. In fact I had no intention of repeating what had just gone down. I was gone, I was off with the pixies and too much in love.

This was my most treasured secret. I asked her for another session, but she said she had to get back to class. With the precision perhaps of a former porn pro, she was dressed again really fast while I was still lying there semi naked in my dreamy state.

Once she was dressed she came and sat on my bed. She told me she had to go. I drew her to me and she kissed me, full on the lips. “Take the rest of the day off” she said gently, “And we’ll see you at school tomorrow.”

“Ok” I said.

I put on my shorts and lead her down the stairs to the front door, but at the foot of the stairs she told me to go back to bed. She wanted to see herself out. Just as she opened the door I said:

“Miss Jenkins, you were fantastic!”

She turned slightly and replied with a shy smile, “Thanks, you were great too. See you tomorrow.”

But I didn’t see her. Oh, I turned up for school all right, like a love struck fool, but she didn’t show. By lunch time I kind of knew, and very sadly I was proved right. Miss Jenkins never showed up again.

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