Before you entered Into my life,

I was the world’s. Richest princess

Now that you are in me. And you are part of me,

I have become. The poorest street-beggar

Jenny, by the cooker:

It were me he met first. We met in the apple orchards and he used to laugh and look at me the way he looks at her now. How I hate her smug grin. It was Adam who introduced me to searching for the Bonnie Black Hare. Where’s the Bonnie Black Hare? You’d never guess. It turns out it’s tucked away inside my skirts, but Adam soon found it and he said how lovely and tufty it was. The more he played with it the more the hare wanted some sport, and throughout the summer Adam was kissing it, and he said when he kissed it, it turned bright pink and glistened in the sunlight behind the orchard trees. Each day I would rush through my chores just to be with him. Within two weeks he was putting his big shotgun inside and riding me deep in pursuit. When he’d had his fill he liked me to suck the big shotgun till it dribbled all down my mouth. I really thought he loved me, like he said he did, but come September and the weather cooled, this witch just come from nowhere and turned him away from me. And now look at us. I’m just standing here feeling like a fool as she raises her arms to show him her big chest. Brazen cow, I want to scream at her but I can’t.

Adam looking at Lucy:

I’m not stupid, I can see the way Jenny’s standing there just staring, wondering what’s going on. I’ll tell you what’s going on, it’s dead simple. She had it good throughout the summer, and it was fun, but I‘ve found her Bonnie Black Hare, and now the huntsman has to go a hunting anew. You don’t shoot the same hare over and over, do you? Of course not, you have to look for pastures new for fresh young hare. Now I’ve got this here Lucy and I can tell that with a little more chasing I’ll be on speaking terms with the Bonnie Black Hare once again. I don’t care if I catch her in the orchard or the woods, or down by the stream, but she’ll be down on her knees as I shoot her with my big hunting gun and that right soon. As for Jenny, she’ll get the idea soon enough, summer’s gone and it’s time for new pursuits. Right now it’s Lucy where the hunt is on, but if she don’t play willing I’ll still take Jenny behind the orchard tree. Maybe I’ll have them both, and maybe together, God willing.

Lucy flirting with Adam:

I can tell Adam likes me, but I wish she’d just get lost and go about her chores. What does she want from him? Does she still think he cares about her? Look at her, silly cow, so shabby and dull with nothing to say for herself. I can amuse him for hours and I’ll keep him guessing, you can be sure about that. He’s not going to have me for sport. I’ll keep him chasing till he’s panting and gasping for me, and just when he thinks he’s got me, I’ll let him chase some more. As for her, if she steps in my way I’ll just turn it on all the more. Even now I can see his eyes feasting on my ripe breasts. Lick them and caress them with your eyes only my boy, because it’ll be a long time before you’ll kiss them for real. And as for her, I swear if she don’t stop staring I will scream ‘Be gone, woman!’

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