Watch Carmen seduce these goddesses in “Carmen loves girls”

Carmen loves girlsThis DVD says everything it really needs to in the title: Carmen Loves Girls! What you’ve got with this DVD is 243 minutes of steamy girl on girl action with 14 different scenes – all with the beautiful, sexy and fun Carmen Luvana.

Join Carmen and her cast of deliciously sexy women as they explore each other’s bodies. Watch while Carmen straps on a dildo and gives it to one of her sexy cast mates, or teases her with dildos and other sex toys.
Here a few examples of what you can expect to find in some of the 14 sexy scenes:

1. The first scene features Carmen and Ava Rose, who begin to explore each other’s pussy while washing the car. In this straight lesbian performance, watch the girls get each other wet with the garden hose so they can show off their breasts .

2. In another scene Carmen, Nicole Sheridan and Alexandra Silk are at a strip club putting on quite a show. The girls get into some heavy pussy play, and even let the men at the club join in for a bit.

3. Another scene features Any Lee and Carmen in a tub that is surrounded by mirrors which allows you to see the beautiful and talented girls from all angles. They explore each other’s bodies while you watch – from every angle.

4. Carmen dominates red-head Justine Jolie in a scene all about domination. Carmen demands that Justine lick her pussy and tease her clit. They even bring some interesting sex toys, such as a glass dildo into the mix for a little extra fun.

5. Eva Laurence stars alongside Carmen in a scene of a ski trip fantasy with her sorority girl friend. They play it out as really close friends, but closer than most when they can’t wait to strip each other’s clothes off. From nipple and breast play to clit teasing, these girls go at it passionately.

While these sex scenes and the beautiful girls in them are enough to fulfill most men’s fantasies, there are 9 more scenes included in this DVD compilation of Carmen Luvana and her favorite girls. While the DVD is focused mainly on Carmen, this is an excellent introduction to some of the other up and rising female porn stars in the industry. Watch Carmen explore each one of their bodies, and decide which one you like the best.

If you’re passionate about watching girl on girl action then this is a definitely must-have DVD for your collection. What is better than watching two stunning women fondle each other’s breasts and give each other intense, satisfying orgasms? I’d be amazed if you actually had an answer to that question.

Price: Starting as low as $9.05

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