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Multiple uses for the under the bed restraint system uncovered

bed restraint systemAnother easy-to-set-up bondage set that’s great for beginners, or couples who are looking for a decent bondage set they can take on the road with them.

The under the bed restraint system is pretty simple once you figure out which straps go where. Simply lift up your mattress, place the set of lines and cuffs underneath and replace the mattress. You’ll have ankle and wrist cuffs coming up from between your mattress and box spring and you’re ready to start your bondage play. They may not be the strongest restraints, they set up quickly and do add some spice to the bedroom.


  • Quick and easy setup on multiple bed sizes
  • Good quality, durable material


  • Pillow-top, king-sized beds may prove too big for these restraints

Best Use: Use the adjustable straps and cuffs to hold your partner in position while you do whatever you please to him or her. If you’re headed on a romantic getaway, why not take the restraint system with you? It’s quick and easy to take off your bed and folds very small.

Once the device is set up, there’s no limit to what you can do while your partner is restrained and helpless on the bed. Get out the whips and ticklers, perform oral sex or have complete intercourse. Restraining your partner is the easy part – letting your imagination run wild is the fun part.

Material / Texture: All straps are made of nylon which is a very durable material and should have no problem lasting for a long time. The cuffs are lined with a faux-fur for utmost comfort during your restraint. The cuffs are fastened with a Velcro strip for easy adjustment.

Price: Starting as low as $10.09

Design / Shape / Size: The wrist cuffs measure 2 inches wide and 10 inches long. With the same width, the ankle cuffs measure 15 inches in length – both cuffs sure to be long enough for any male or female wrists and ankles. Each strap has a black plastic slider to adjust the length.

Functions / Performance / Controls: The actual use of the restraining device is pretty simple. Once it is securely under the mattress, have your partner lie down on the bed, and restrain their ankles and wrists. By adjusting the position of the straps under the mattress, you can put your partner in many sexy positions.

Care & Maintenance: You can easily spot-clean the nylon straps with a clean cloth and soapy warm water. Alternatively, place the entire device in a mesh bag and throw it into the washing machine. The cuffs can be removed and hand washed to better preserve the faux fur lining.

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