Prostate Stimulation

Male G spot stimulation and the basic techniques

Male G spot stimulation and the basic techniquesWhat is it with male g spot stimulation that gets everyone so excited? It seems that a new article is published every month in those magazines that women like to read. They tend to have titles like “The dirty little sex secret that he doesn’t even know he loves,” or “how to give your guy super orgasms with this one dirty trick!” They are all the same. In each article, the woman is given bad advice on stimulating her guy’s prostate gland. These articles make the mistake of assuming that every guy knows about this gland and how much pleasure it can produce.

In this guide you will uncover:
1. How does it work
2. How to introduce it in your bedroom
3. Advanced male g spot stimulation methods (hint: toys)

So, just what is it that is happening when you stimulate his g spot? Well, the prostate gland is located about an inch inside of his ass, on the top. It is stimulated in much the same way as you would stimulate the female g spot. This organ is essential to his orgasm, as it produces the seminal fluid that combines with the sperm from his testicles. If you have never found his g spot before, don’t worry. It’s pretty easy to do. Just take it easy and use a lot of lube and encourage him to communicate with you.

But how do you get the average guy to be receptive to the idea of putting something in his ass? Well, that can be tough. The best thing to do is tell him that you know how to give him an orgasm that is better than anything he has ever experienced before. There isn’t a single person who wouldn’t be interested in finding out more. Tell him that he will need to trust you and keep an open mind if you are going to do this. It also helps if you tell him about the gobs of goo that will burst forth from his dick during this orgasm.

If you are open to swallowing his load or letting him splatter it all over your face, you can also use this as encouragement. Most guys want to pour their juice down your throat or splatter it all over your lips and cheeks, but it’s uncommon for them to fulfill this fantasy. If you give him the opportunity to do this, he will likely be receptive to the ass play that you are going to introduce.

After you get him to allow you to play with his prostate you can really turn things up a notch by introducing prostate stimulator toys. If you have already shown him how great these orgasms can be, it will be pretty easy to get him to accept a toy. If he is hesitant, make sure you start with a smaller toy designed exclusively for prostate play. The Mangasm Alpha is one of the best introductory toys for prostate play. It is small and shaped perfectly for stimulating his g spot.

Make sure you use a lot of lube. Ask him to take a good shower before hand, too. If you are really adventurous, you can even stimulate his anus with your tongue before slipping the toy in. Even if your guy doesn’t realize it, this is going to turn him on and make him beg for more.

Use the toy and watch the fireworks blast off. By fireworks, we mean huge fountains of cum shooting out of his tip. Now that you know all about male g spot stimulation, go talk to your guy and give him the thrill of a lifetime.

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