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Animal PlayAnimal Play is a niche within the B&D/S&M category of master-slave play, in which the sub or ‘slave’ plays the role of an animal, while the Master as Dom plays the role of a pet-owner or animal-owner, often as a ‘trainer’ or farmer. As is agreed upon in advance, the sub/slave may play the part of a dog, pig, sheep, pony or horse, or any other animal for that matter. The most common forms of Animal Play are Dog Play and Pony Play.

The process or practice of Animal Play can be quite elaborate, involving a wide variety of equipment and ‘toys’ to complete the scene. Dog Play typically involves the actual use of leashes, dog-toys, dog drinking bowls and food bowls, and similar related accessories. Pony Play can be more involved, utilizing human-fitted bits and bridles, actual saddles, whips and riding crops, harnesses and various other ‘tack’, as well as small wagons, sulkies and chariots, for pulling the Master about, which involves real work. Pony Play can involve a much higher investment in accessories, space and time, and when such play takes place outdoors- a greater assurance of privacy is required than with Dog Play which typically occurs indoors. Such play can involve the actual use of real dog-houses, pigpens, and real working barns and stables. Animal Play can also involve the use of full-body outfits made of leather and latex, for those deeply interested in the leather/latex fetish as well. For Pony Play ‘purists’, the order of the day is full nakedness for the sub animal-player, to best simulate the usual natural nudity of actual animals. Forcing full nudity also serves as a means to define the measure of the Master’s control over the sub, and permits for much easier and immediate sexual access to the sub while also serving as a sex-slave.

For some animal-players, sex isn’t part of the play, because being dominated and controlled is more exciting and stimulating to them, but for most it definitely is, as the Master defines control to the greatest degree when the sub’s measure of sex experienced, seldom or often, is entirely under the Master’s control. And notably, sex itself isn’t necessarily defined by actual intercourse or oral sex, as there are other ways to encroach upon the intimate areas of the body. For example, many animal-players employ butt-plugs which have ‘tails’ affixed, to enhance the appearance of the animal look or ‘costume’. Dog-players often have dog-tail butt-plugs inserted into their rectums, and this is even more common in the case of pony-players, which have long horse-tail-like butt-plugs inserted into them. Not only does this keep up appearances, but it defines that the Master has control of the animal-player’s most intimate body parts. Additionally, since most playing the role of animal are forbidden to speak, which prevents them from asking for permission to defecate, the animal-tail butt-plugs thusly also tends to prevent easy defecation, until a time of the Master’s choosing, and in the proper hygenic place. Again, a higher measure of real control on the part of the Master, and most intimately. Animal-players may also be ‘trained’, as part of the Animal Play routine, to only urinate at the time of a Master’s choosing, and in the proper place. Control of all aspects of a sub’s behavior is a very important element of Animal Play, including the most intimate of all bodily functions.

Subs whom participate in Animal Play are often referred to by the terms that normally apply to animals, relative to gender. Pig-players are often referred to as sows or boars, and dog-players as dogs or bitches. With pony-players, females may be called mares, but are more often called ‘pony girls’. Males may be stallions or geldings, but are more often referred to as ‘pony boys’. Those defined as ‘geldings’ aren’t actually ‘castrated’, but are males whom are denied the privilege of ‘mating’ and are thusly denied any right to sex.

Most of the time devoted to Animal Play does not involve sex. Primarily it involves domination, training, the joy of observing a moving naked body, and the pleasure of full control of a sub as they are commanded to fulfill an animal’s role, employing intensive training, forms of caging or bondage, and much in the way of applied discipline.

Typically, no actual bestiality is involved, though… in some uncommon cases indeed it is, and defines a considerably different level of Animal Play that clearly crosses into the bestiality medium. One example may involve the Master whom ‘owns’ a human female as a pet for animal-play, with that sub being expected to submit to the sexual demands of the Master’s male dogs at any time they desire such. The sub as animal-player then becomes the primary sexual outlet for those dogs, and as such is subservient to them- the complete sex-slave to the animals involved.
Actual sex, when it is involved, is only a part of the entire animal-play routine or scene. The Master takes his or her pleasure in defining when sex will occur, how little or how frequently, and also with whom. It’s not too unusual for a Master to offer his/her ‘pet’ to visiting friends and guests. It’s also not so unusual for different Masters to mate their respective pets to one another, or for Masters to permit other Masters to mate with their animal-player pets. Mating one’s animal-player pet to the animal-player pet of another Master then serves as a kind of personal live sex show, to the pleasure of both the Masters and the subs actively participating.

The bondage & discipline aspects of Animal Play are clear, but for some the S&M- the sado-masochism aspect- are not, except to those actually familiar with it. The harsher S&M aspects requires much harsher disciplines and notably more real pain, as the animal-player experiences frequent ‘punishment’ and harder demands on the body, largely involving quite exhausting training activities and real work that can be defined as ‘hard’. The use of whips, lashing belts and riding crops can be frequent and applied with notable force. The purpose is to dominate more to the full and to actually ‘hurt’ the animal-player, and for the slightest infraction. The activities are more geared to treat the animal-player as if a real animal under abuse, or as a real slave worthy of much real discomfort. Great care MUST be taken though to not do genuine permanent harm to the sub involved, because of the legalities concerned, and the real risk to health and life. Harsh S&M practices are generally not recommended. Subs are real people after all, and the law is on their side.

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