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Vibrating Rings – What Are They?

Lelo TorEveryone knows what vibrators and inflatable dolls are. They’re a woman and man’s best friends respectively, what else? But vibrator rings? The mere sound of those words feels exotic to your ears already, doesn’t it? But rest assured this type of sex toy is actually easy and fun to use and definitely great for everyone. You just have to give it a try first.

Vibrating Rings – Climax Guaranteed

Helping a woman reach orgasm is easier said than done for most husbands. But if you truly want to pleasure your wife then you need to accept certain facts. Bringing a woman to climax takes time and skills and these may be something you don’t always have for whatever reason. That, however, should not put a damper on your sex lives.

All you need to have is the willingness to try new alternatives and in this case, that would be vibrator rings.

Yes, yes, they sound absolutely wicked – almost sadistic even – but it is not painful for you or your wife to use. That’s guaranteed. It’s absolutely safe as well. Vibrating rings, in a nutshell, are simply battery-operated rings that you wear on your penis. Positioning is essential: they must be placed all the way down to the base of your penis.

Now, the idea is to have the rings act like a vibrator and clitoris stimulator without any effort from either of you. See, the problem with vibrators is that even though they can certainly operate “on their own”, they still need a little bit of manual maneuvering now and then. The same definitely goes for clitoris simulators. That’s not going to be a problem, however, with vibrating rings since you wear them on your penis and every time you move, the ring moves with you. Naturally, it moves with the same force and tempo that you do.

Generally, the vibrating face of the ring must be on top while the bumps must face front so that they’ll be placed next against your wife’s sensitive areas once they’re worn. There is a switch to turn the vibration on and off. When switched on, it will continue to operate until the battery runs out. In most cases, that would be a good thirty or forty minutes, surely enough time for you and your wife to enjoy more than one orgasm.

Vibrating Rings – Take Your Pick!

Here are a couple of products to get you started on your brand new toy. The vibrating rings listed below have been well-recommended by both experts and married couples. Hopefully, they’ll re-energize the sexual spark between you and your spouse.

Vibrating Cock Ring from Tantus

Novices usually start out with vibrating rings made of jelly (nice and comfy) while the hardcore users go for metal. If you want the middle ground then look for silicon-made vibrating rings just like the ones made by Tantus. With minimal care and maintenance, Tantus cock rings can last as long as your marriage (and hopefully, that would be for a lifetime).

This cock ring is powered by three watch batteries; if you wish to be discreet then you better not tell your watchmaker why you need those batteries. The vibrating bullet should be taken off if you plan to sterilize your cock ring.

Perhaps the best thing about this cock ring is that its intensity level is just enough for novices. It’s not something that will completely shock your wife or considerably uncomfortable to wear. Simply put, it’s just right – especially for those who have only been recently introduced to the use of cock rings.

If you’ve got a thing for color, the Tantus rings come in shades of purple, red, and black. One tiny problem about this ring is the size – it’s a little too wide for some men, but if you’ve got that kind of weapon then you’ll love this ring!

Xtreme Xtasy Rabbit Cock & Balls Device from Golden Triangle

Do you fancy something more…adventurous? Then how about giving the cock & balls device of Golden Triangle a try? Made of pink-colored silicone, these thick and bulbous rings are designed to continuously simulate you and your wife. It constantly squeezes your cock to make your erection last. The vibrating rabbit, on the other hand, is well positioned to stimulate your clitoris – even its tiny ears and nose work to tickle her sensitive areas and stimulate her even more. The set comes with batteries – six all in all, which should tell you how powerful this toy can be. If you let your imagination run free, you’re sure to find a lot more new ways to enjoy this device.

Elite 7X Cock Ring from Cal Exotics

This company just doesn’t run out of ideas to improve everyone’s sex lives and for that, we should all be grateful. This vibrating ring takes full advantage of automated technology in order to provide the best “performance”. It comes with multi-function and multi-speed options for the cock ring’s vibration. If you think that could make your new toy complicated, you need not worry about that since it also comes with a one-touch activation design.

Its bull-shaped head also comes with its own mouth and horns, both of which are designed to stimulate your wife’s clitoris. The raised prongs found on the smaller ring are also designed to add to her arousal. But don’t worry, it’s not all about her! The smoothness of the second ring helps keep your erection. There are raised nubs at the back as well, and those are for your stimulation this time.

Utopia Love Ring from Topco Sales

This cock ring may be made of beginner-friendly jelly, but it comes with a twist. Its beaded design provides intense stimulation for your wife while its testicle ring helps you stay aroused all throughout the night. If you check the stimulation sleeve, you’ll see that it comes with pleasure ticklers as well. Albeit not as tight as other cock rings, its design is superb – enough to guarantee powerful climaxes for both of you!

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