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See if the Lelo Tor is the right toy for you

Vibrating RingsThe Lelo Tor is a high-end cock ring that can be used by a male on his own, or with a partner. Unlike many cheaper cock rings, the Lelo Tor is incredibly stretchy so it doesn’t leave you with the fear of it getting stuck on your penis when the erection is at its largest. It is designed to be worn solely around the shaft, or it can go around the scrotum as well.

This particular ring comes with a removable bullet-vibe that enhances pleasure for him when it’s on the bottom, and pleasure for him and her when the bullet-vibe is positioned at the top.


  • Very stretchy so that it is snug but won’t be too tight
  • Rechargeable and powerful bullet-vibe attached


  • The lowest setting for the vibrator is pretty weak

Best Use: Whether you want to spice up your solo or partner play, the Lelo Tor just might be able to help you do both. If you are playing solo, try putting the cock ring around your shaft and scrotum for a nice tight fit, and put the bullet-vibe at the bottom for vibrations on your scrotum. Masturbate yourself at the same time for an extra-intense release.

If you are having sex with your female partner, choose to put the ring on the shaft or both scrotum and shaft, but have the vibrating piece at the top – this way, each time you touch, she gets to feel the vibrations on her clit.

Material / Texture: The Lelo Tor is made of high-quality silicone that ensures the male sex toy is hypoallergenic and very easy to clean. It also provides a smooth, silky texture that feels great against even your most sensitive areas, and it stretches easily so it is easy to put on and take off every time.

Price: Starting as low as $100.72

Design / Shape / Size: This cock ring is designed with a much sleeker and more modern design than many of the cheaper cock rings out there. Available in purple and black, the ring is designed to fit most penis sizes as the material is incredibly stretchy.

Functions / Performance / Controls: This cock ring has 6 stimulation mode that are controlled with the plus and minus signs on the side of the vibe. Completely rechargeable, there is no need for batteries, and the Lelo Tor is always ready when you are. The bullet vibe is also removable so you can use it elsewhere.

Care & Maintenance: Be sure to wash your toy after each and every use. Since the toy is made from silicone, simply rinse the toy with warm soapy water and be sure it is completely dry before storing. Use only water-based lubricants with this toy. The toy comes with a 1-year warranty.

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