Propose to your girlfriend

Mental Preparation


  • Are you ready to settle down? (Yes/No -> Must be yes.)
  • Is she the one for you, and no one else? (Yes/No -> Must be yes.)
  • Do you swear that after you propose, you won’t keep looking around? (Yes/No -> Must be yes.)
  • Are you doing this for a stupid bet? (Yes/No -> Must be no.)
  • Do you have a job? (Yes/No -> Should be yes.)
  • If you don’t have a job, do you have lots of money? (Yes/No -> Should be yes.)
  • If you neither have job nor money, is she able to support you? (Yes/No -> Must be yes.)
  • Are you happy in your relationship? (Yes/No -> Must be yes.)
  • Are you confident that she’ll say yes? (Yes/No -> Must be more than 40% yes.)

Physical Preparation


Propose to your girlfriend

  • The largest piece of diamond you can afford. If none, buy something else big and shiny.
  • Rent an expensive suit.
  • Buy mint breath freshener.
  • Reservation at the best restaurant you can afford, and check your credit card limit.
  • There must be full moon that night. No rain, but snow is good.


Ask her out for dinner at the most expensive restaurant you can afford where a dress code is in effect. After dinner, freshen up. Go for a walk in the nearest park. Step on your loose shoe lace quickly. Stop and tie your shoe on one knee. Then say her name, take out the ring, give it to her, let her admire it, and then say “Will you marry me?”

Alternate Scenario

You ask her to your place. Get her naked, make her reach climax, and at that moment, yell out “Let’s do this for the rest of our lives! Let’s get married!” Or: Just after you have both orgasmed, stay on top of her, kiss her and then ask “Marry me?” This is considerably more romantic than the aforesaid example.

Why women should not propose

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