5 steps to healing a broken heart

5 steps to healing a broken heartThere is no stead fast rule to healing a broken heart. The old cliché that time heals everything is actually very true. How much time it can take depends on how long you were together and how serious the relationship was. More importantly it depends on you; are you an extremely emotional person or do you allow things to roll off without incident? And of course there is a large gray area in between. We are all different and as such we deal with things differently. While it’s true that time heals everything, there are some things you can do for yourself to get on the road to healing a broken heart when you feel you are ready.

Give yourself what I like to call a cleansing ceremony. You’ll need a night alone, a bottle of wine (or pick your poison just be sure not to drink and dial!!!), mixed with a few sad broken heart songs (trust me), and a good cry. Once you get that out of your system (and you know that it’s over for good), it’s time to get mad! Get together all of the cards they sent you, all of your pictures together, anything that would remotely remind you of them, and burn them; then bury the ashes. You may be hesitant to doing this and want to hold onto some of these things but it is the first step to letting go and moving on.
Go shopping and get your hair done (maybe a complete makeover). Splurge! You deserve it! This goes for the guys too… When we look good we feel good. This is especially needed when our self esteem feels as if it has just been crushed by a stampede of wild horses.

Now that you have that great new outfit, get together with your friends. Have a night out and tell yourself you are going to have a good time and not talk about your ex. You may think about them sure, but push those thoughts as far out of your head as humanly possible. Flirt a little; make eye contact with a few people. Just knowing that you are catching someone else’s attention (even though they can’t have you) will remind you that your ex is the one that is losing out.

Join a gym if you’re not a member already. Not into the whole gym scene? Start working out at home. Either way; working out relieves an abundance of stress and once you (and everyone else) start to notice those sexy results you’ll be thinking less and less of your ex. I always say the sweetest revenge is to just make yourself even more irresistible than when you were with them. The next time they see you, they will be saying What the hell was I thinking? But by now, it’s too late because you are already moving on to bigger and better things!

Most important of all, stay away from them! Don’t call them and don’t accept their calls, no texting, and no emails. The more contact you have with this person, the more difficult you will make it for yourself. Healing a broken heart does take time. But you can help yourself throughout the process. Work on and worry about you and making yourself feel better. Forget them; they’re a big boy/girl and they can take care of themselves. Remember, when one door closes another always opens.

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